About this Site

This web site is free software. You can run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve it.

Its main components are:

The translation of the customized OSEM part is made on Transifex.


The web API bellow can be used to retrieve the data of the summit (in JSON format):

https://en.2016.ogpsummit.org/osem/api/v1/conferences/ : list the conferences;

https://ogpsummit.etalab.gouv.fr/osem/api/v1/conferences/ogp-summit/rooms : list the rooms of the OGP Summit

https://ogpsummit.etalab.gouv.fr/osem/api/v1/conferences/ogp-summit/tracks : list the tracks of the OGP Summit

https://ogpsummit.etalab.gouv.fr/osem/api/v1/conferences/ogp-summit/speakers : list the speakers of the OGP Summit

https://ogpsummit.etalab.gouv.fr/osem/api/v1/conferences/ogp-summit/events : list the events of the OGP Summit