Democracy Night


Thursday 8 December from 7pm throughout the night!

Hémicycle, Palais d’Iéna and other venues in Paris (TBC).

Is democracy in danger? What should we be preserve, improve, reinvente? Which innovations and which actors are making a change, contributing worldwide to empowering citizens, improving the functioning of political life and public action? How to get involved ?

Designed to be a night of sharing, debate and collective thought, Democracy Night strives to place the renewal of democracy at the heart of the OGP Summit.

You are invited to participate in an event structured around an innovative format of sharing and collaboration. The schedule includes a series of presentations of concrete initiatives, discussions between experts and project leaders, debates and collaborative writing!


Provisional program

1 – At the Palais d’Iéna : The tribunal for future generations: is the algorithm democratic?

Salle Ventejol, Palais d’Iéna, from 7 PM to 8.20 PM.

This Tribunal is part of a group of conferences proposed by Usbek & Rica, the magazine that aims at narrating the present and exploring the futur.

To try to understand the multiple revolutions we are witnessing and the future that they are shaping, the Tribunal devotes each edition to a crucial theme for the future. With the presence of an accused, a witnesses, a lawyer, a prosecutor and a jury drawn from among the public. A playful format that takes up the codes of a tribunal and allows to tackle the future problems from a philosophical and very concrete angle and will let us be precise, curious and committed witnesses of our time, and prepare the coming one.

2 – At the Palais d’Iéna : the democratic innovation in acts !

Hémicycle, Palais d’Iéna from 8PM to midnight.

The night will tackle different dynamics and challenges:

  • Which are the challenges we collectively face in the context of the digital revolution? The future is in our hands; we are part of the multitude that partakes in the renewal of democracy, but where to start?
  • How can we organize the scalability of existing initiatives addressing the renewal of democracy? Plenty of projects are being developed worldwide, creating the roadmap for change, but it is not always simple to grasp the extent of this massive outreach. We can transition from being a passive citizen to a maker of change, but we need to act, develop concrete solutions and seize control of our future.
  • How can we establish the renewal of democracy in the long run, especially in the field of education and knowledge building? To renew our democracy we will need more than one day, for real change happens over a long period of time and we need to invest in future generations to create sustainable action and change.

The results of these debates and the interactions will shape the collective thinking of the Summit’s participants and raise new challenges to consider for open government initiatives around the world.

Format of the night and speakers:

In addition to pitches and overlapping dialogues, there will be online participatory tools. At the end of the night, we hope to come up with a co-written list of new priorities to be presented to the open government community.

Watch Democracy Night

Access to the slides of the event.


Democracy Night will be hostedby Julien Letailleur, an avatar of citizen’s participation.

– Introductory keynote by Timothy Garton Ash on new stakes in democracies
– Come debate on reweing democracy and interact with the audience and speakers! You will be able to propose actions that Julien Letailleur should carry within the open gov movement.


Digital democracy can be both dangerous and helpful, and it can become an utopia if we move towards a technocratic and technical democracy and no voice is really given to the citizens.

PITCH: (pre-recorded video)
PITCH: Primavera de Filippi, Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School
PITCH: Nigel Shadbolt,
 The Open Data Institute 

Joel de Rosnay,
foresight thinker
Henri Verdier, Prime Minister’s Office

Today, change makers are already reinventing civic participation and proposing solutions to renew democracy and adapt it to the XXIst century, are you ready to join the movement and become an active citizen?

PITCH: Regards citoyens
PITCH: Tanja Aitamurto, School of Engineering at Stanford University
Samuel Sinyangwe,
Datactivist (Campaign Zero, Mapping Police Violence)
PITCH: Pablo Soto, Mairie de Madrid

Cynthia Fleury*,
American University of Paris
Sandra Laugier,
Université Paris 1

In the transition we are living,  education is key to success, not just academic education to leverage equal opportunities and access to knowledge but civic education to create more active citizens and ensure the scalability and sustainability of the democratic renewal.

PITCH: Jérémy Lachal, Bibliothèques sans frontières
PITCH: Navi Radjou, Author, speaker and strategist 
PITCH: François Taddei, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires





3 – Evening discussions in Paris: Transforming democracy in partnership with citizens

Participation, transparency, the fight against corruption, open data, public accountability, modernization of public services … all are key components for revitalizing democracy that have been reinvented by many public and private players. In hosting the Open Government Partnership Summit, Paris highlights and shares these values.

Whether hailing from the other side of the world or from just around the corner, come meet and discuss with actors committed to advancing open government, which seeks to put citizens at the heart of public decision-making. If you dream of hearing about the experiences of Sao Paulo in Brazil or Bojonegoro in Indonesia, or if you want to interact with a participant of the Parisian participatory budget or a board member of the Parisian Youth Council, then walk the streets of Paris and converse with Parisians in informal places that will be open to everyone.

All over Paris, democratic and social innovation hubs have decided to open their doors to welcome you and make you feel, for one night, the pulse of a more inclusive democracy.

In partnership with the start-up Kawaa, more than 10 debates and meetings are organized :

  • « Youth, inner cities and democracy » at Lieu d’Accueil Innovant Espoir18 (8, esplanade Nathalie Sarraute,18e, Métro Max Dormoy )
  • « Who funds democratic innovation » at Superpublic (4, rue la Vacquerie, 11e, Métro Voltaire )
  • « Collaborative working space and incubators, places of experimenting citizenship » organized by REC (Network of Citizen Entrepreneurs) at La Ruche (84 quai de Jemmapes, 10e, Métro Jacques Bonsergent)
  • « Digital and Democracy : more citizenship or more equality ? » organized by Voxe at Schoolab (21, rue de Cléry, 2e, Métro Sentier)
  • « Great Oral Exam of happiness : The Joy of Youth” at les Grands Voisins (82, Avenue Denfert Rochereau, 14e, Métro Port Royal)
  • « OGP Meet-up » at Numa (39, rue du Caire, 2e, Métro Sentier)
  • « #MakeRevolution » at (21 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 11e, Métro Bastille)
  • « Why open data to public debate » by DebatLAb at SenseSpace (11, rue Biscornet,12e Métro Bastille)
  • « Representative democracy saved by Civic Tech ? » organized by Politizr à l’Otherspace (78, avenue de la République,11e, Métro Saint Maur )
  • Coming soon : more informations about debates at Kiwanda (50, rue de Montreuil, 11e, Métro Faidherbe Chaligny) and more event to come..