Proposals for Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2016

Meeting on collective action 6 (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Amélie Banzet

Meeting on collective action

Transparency and access to environmental information: good practices, tools and socio-environmental standards (Roundtable)

The cases of Perú, Chile, Colombia, México Access to information

presented by Aída Gamboa

There are several initiatives from civil society and from local governments that have been promoting open data and transparency for citizens to access more information. In Peru locally it has presented a portal of geospatial infrastructure of environmental, civil society has also presented its own open data portal with information from regional governments and has also been working a methodolog... more

Transparency and Open Government Map of Peru (Pitch)

The role of the media promoting social accountability, transparency, open govenrment and open data in Peru Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Kela Leon

In Peru, the concept of Open Government is virtually unknown to large sectors of society, most authorities and public service, in three levels of government, Central, Regional and Municipal. Despite significant advances related to transparency and accountability, Peru has still to adjust legislation and provide leeway to fulfill its commitments to OGP. The project involves private and public se... more

The citizens' observatories network model. (Pitch)

Measuring locally, influencing together nationally. Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Observatorio Nacional Ciudadano

The outline is as following: 1. Introduction of the state of crime data and crime prevention information in Mexico (3 min) 2. How does the model works (5 min) 3. How does the network help to increase the availability and improve the quality of data by joining efforts between local observatories and authorities (5 min) 4. Present the main achievements of the Network in Mexico (2 min) The ... more

Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (Roundtable)

What Works, What Doesn't Work, and What Needs to Change Digital and development

presented by Katherine Townsend

5 mins: Intro 20 mins: Ignite-style presentations of what works and what doesn't work in open data in agriculture Casper Sitemba Govt of Kenya (Office of Deputy President) Sonigitu Ekpe Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Ednah Karamagi BROSDI Matthew McNaughton SlashRoots Foundation Fatma Ben Rejeb - Pan-African Farmers Organization Stephane Boyera SBC4D Rose Funja - Agri... more

Government Service Delivery Value Chain - Opportunities for impactful public participation and transparency (Workshop)

Open government for cities

presented by Jeffrey FK Phang

The work of Local Authorities have grown more complex and demanding as climate change, cross border immigration, and multi-disciplinary problems emerge. TriSectoral partnerships between the government, businesses and the community is a highly desired platform that will help to integrate the various concerns of the 3 sectors and synergise a solution that is sustainable and acceptable to all. Whi... more

Making Money by Going Transparent (Roundtable)

Why the Private Sector Opens Data, Uses Open Data, and Are Stepping Up As Leaders in Open Government Public innovation

presented by Katherine Townsend

5 minutes: Intro & Overview 30 minutes: 5 minutes apiece ignite-style lightning talks by presenters. Addressing how they opened data or what open data they used and how this helped their business. Access to finance - Yasaman Hadjibashi - Barclays Open Patents - ? - Tesla Open Contracts - (Need to get name & org here) Satellite Data - Rhiannan Price - Digital Globe Open Data, Closed... more

Problem Definition for Open Innovation and Public Engagement (Workshop)

Defining Public Problems to Enable Collaborative Problem Solving Public innovation

presented by Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza

The workshop will be moderated by Beth Noveck and Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza from [The GovLab Academy]( and facilitated by [Codeando México]( staff. **First section - Introduction** Lead by: **[Beth Noveck](** - 5 min - Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems: Why and how? - 10 min - Common ... more

Developing a Data Lab (Pitch)

Supporting & Enhancing Civic Tech in Tanzania & Across East Africa Digital and development

presented by Katherine Townsend

Dr. Juma Justo, director of the dLab will provide an overview of the dLab including * What are the main problems that faces people in Tanzania and nearby * how open government and open data can and has been useful in addressing these problems * the need for convening these actors to share experiences and support their work * the need for capacity building and technical training to improve... more

Public Services to Open Government Up (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Paulina

Do you want to do Open Government but you have no idea where to start. We will present you with a methodology to do it in a place where you'll have impact and improve people's lives. To Open Public Services means to enter to an ecosystem that covers every part of the city. Hence, it is very effective. The Open Public Services procedure starts with creating a loop system between users and th... more

Proactive Transparency for Groups in Vulnerable Situations (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Laurinda

The workshop will be organized by Article 19 International. During the workshop, three facilitators will be required: Two facilitators to lead the debate, guide the contributions, and monitoring timings. Two facilitators to write on flipchart paper on the wall the most important points of the discussion. The workshop is meant for members of organized civil society in countries with difficult ... more

Don't Datasplain, Engage! - Building a Community Engagement Playbook for Governments (Workshop)

Learn about GovEx's Community Engagement Playbook which features case studies, best practices, strategies, and tools for open data engagement. Open data and Open resources

presented by Rebecca Williams

GovEx’s **[Community Engagement Playbook](** is an introduction to community engagement strategy building for governments featuring best practices and case studies from United States cities. The resources currently includes the following materials and toolkits: - Chapter 1: Foster Transparency and Trust - Chapt... more

How to advance transparency within prison systems? Addressing human rights abuse through open government tools (Workshop)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Carolina Cornejo

As crime rates globally increase and state response focuses on imprisonment and the strengthening of security forces, prisons become a place for punishment rather than reinsertion of criminals. What happens inside prisons is a subject of concern for organizations addressing human rights and for national preventive mechanisms (NPMs), but often they lack qualified information and their reports re... more

How can we improve government consultations? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Michelle Brook

**Part 1 - what we learned** 15 min introduction into what we found out through the desk and user research carried out during the project, and the conclusions this lead us to. **Part 2 - Different practices** 3 x 10 min talks from those involved in creating, or responding to, opportunities for citizen involvement in policy making from different parts of the world, exploring what ‘c... more

Organizational assessments of specialized anti-kidnapping units, a case of study of the importance of the collaboration of non-governmental organizations for an open institutional administration in Mexico (Workshop)

Access to information

presented by Observatorio Nacional Ciudadano

The speakers of the workshop will be staff of the National Citizen Observatory and in order to fulfill the objective of the workshop, the outline will be the following: I. Introduction: present the main institutional features of kidnappings in Mexico, baseline statistics and available public information and a schematic framework of all key actors related to the topic. (15-20 minutes) II. M... more

Gobierno Abierto en América Latina y el Caribe como respuesta a problemáticas regionales (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Sandra Marcela Celis Navarrete

El taller que se plantea es una propuesta que responde a la necesidad de dar a conocer los avances que para países como Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Perú y Colombia se han generado en el marco de la implementación de los Planes de Acción de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto. Este proceso ha constituido un ejercicio de aprendizaje para nuestros países, de cómo promover de manera efectiva... more

To the inclusion of civil society from countries not participating in OGP (Workshop)

- Access to information

presented by Moises Sanchez

OGP growth has been important from the beginning, especially in the Americas and Europe. However, there are still major challenges regarding the inclusion of many other countries not participating, which limits the possibilities and impacts that OGP may have on the agenda of regional access to information. Moreover, there is a strong demand from civil society to generate inclusion of organizat... more

Dilemmas on Access to Information: make your desicion (Workshop)

- Access to information

presented by Moises Sanchez

In this workshop there will be no speakers, but coordinators coming from each of regions,which will have the role of guiding the collective work in each of the groups. We will ensure the participation of key actors of movements on access to information, privacy, open data, government representatives and commissions information. The organizers will make an initial presentation to explaine the wo... more

Transparency and access to information in extractive sector (Roundtable)

Towards better social and environmental information on gas, oil and mining activities Climate and sustainable development

presented by Aroa de la Fuente López

Around the world different initiatives and strategies are currently being used to advance social and environmental disclosure relating extractive activities, such as OGP, EITI, Principle 10 and national access to information and open data regulations and policies. To create an understanding of the issue from different actors, regions and initiatives the moderator will raise a series of question... more

Innovating for Inclusion: Co-creating with users (Workshop)

Co-creating a model for public innovation Public innovation

presented by Esteban Poblete Olivares

In general, the concepts of innovation and disability have grown closer and closer over the years, with great examples and great results, both in the private and public sectors, even when there is no doubt that companies, colleges and multilateral entities lead the way compared to public institutions. It is within this context that in the National Disability Service, innovation is viewed as a ... more

Four Pillars of OGP in the Selection of the Representatives of the nine United Nations Committees in Human Rights Matter. (Workshop)

Citizen Observatory of the nine United Nations Committees in Human Rights Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Laurinda

The workshop will be organized by Article 19 International. During the workshop, three facilitators will be required: Two facilitators to lead the debate, guide contributions, and monitoring timings. One facilitator to write on flipchart paper on the wall the most important points of the discussion. The workshop is meant for organized civil society in member countries of the United Nations... more

Hurdles to OGP membership: Voices from new members (Roundtable)

presented by Nicole Anand

This panel will bring together new OGP member voices, including Nigeria,Tunisia and Indonesia, to: 1) becoming a member of the OGP, 2) learning the ropes of the initiative, and 3) sustaining membership. Panelists will share experiences in battling domestic challenges, as well as navigating international pressures and processes. Reboot will moderate the discussion. Reboot is a social impact firm... more

Changement climatique et énergies (Roundtable)

Le plus imporant défi du développement durable Climate and sustainable development

presented by rafedh hayouni

Soutenir et améliorer l’habitat existant et les actions engagées par les particuliers, notamment les ménages les plus modestes, et les organismes de logement social publics et privés (soutien à l’acquisition de logements à basse consommation ou énergie positive et développement de formes locatives innovantes)…

Transport et mobilité durables (Roundtable)

Comment faire face au dégagement du CO2 issue des moyens de transports Climate and sustainable development

presented by oussama hayouni

Promouvoir un urbanisme qui limite les besoins de déplacements individuels en voiture, améliore les interfaces ville-transport, développe les transports doux et actifs, permettant ainsi de lutter efficacement contre l’étalement urbain…

Conservation et gestion durable de la biodiversité et des ressources naturelles (Roundtable)

Comment conserver la biodiversité et les ressources naturelles Climate and sustainable development

presented by oussama hayouni

Développer, un réseau des trames verte et bleue à toutes les échelles de territoire, qui assure aux espèces une continuité territoriale leur permettant ainsi, de circuler, de s’alimenter, de se reproduire et d’assurer leur survie, dans un contexte global de changement climatique et de fragmentation des espaces…

Innovation driven by Open Government Partnership due to engaging civil society into development of the national action plans. (Workshop)

Introducing Open application programming interface into public sector Public innovation

presented by Iveta Fercikova

Workshop is going to be held by representatives of The Office of the plenipotentiary of the government of the Slovak republic in cooperation with non-governmental organization called

Démographie, immigration et inclusion sociale (Roundtable)

Le grand défi du développement durable Climate and sustainable development

presented by oussama hayouni

Prendre en compte l’impact de la démographie sur l’économie et l’équilibre de systèmes de protection sociale, en s'attachant à lutter contre toutes les exclusions dues notamment à l’âge, à la pauvreté, à l’insuffisance d’éducation et de formation et en s’appuyant sur la dimension pluri-culturelle de la société .

Opening Deeper: OGP Challenges and Prospects at the Sub-national Level (Roundtable)

A Peer Learning Session Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by tijahbolt

This Roundtable session seeks to bring together reformers from civil society and government who are active at the sub-national level to share ideas on what works and what doesn’t in their countries. Basically, the session seeks to make the case that the future of the OGP is sub-national. Opening up sub-national governments is a win-win. In Nigeria’s federal system for instance, governance c... more

Défis internationaux du développement durable et de pauvreté dans le monde (Roundtable)

Comment lutter la pauvreté dans le monde Climate and sustainable development

presented by oussama hayouni

Soutenir le renforcement de la gouvernance internationale pour mieux intégrer les exigences du développement durable, et contribuer à la sécurité alimentaire et énergétique des pays les plus défavorisés

Access to information as UN Sustainable Development Goal (Roundtable)

a key for sustainable development and open government Access to information

presented by Mauricio Alarcon

Despite its importance for sustainable development, democracy and transparency, the right of access to information is not guaranteed in all countries yet. By exposing the current situation of access to information in countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina (represented by the participant organizations), this roundtable will expose and explore the challenges faced worldwide, as well ... more

Advancing Civil Society-Government Genuine Collaboration: Learning and Challenges (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Mujtaba Hamdi

In the eyes of CSOs side, collaboration with government officials can be very challenging. On one hand, CSOs need to voice citizens concerns loudly and demand government make serious steps to tackle them. On the other hand, CSOs collaborating with government need to understand how government works in real world in order to bring change and reform. More than often, it means that CSOs adjust and ... more

An Open Alliance for Civic Tech (Pitch)

It's time for an international alliance for open source builders in civic tech Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Benjamin Jean

An alliance which aims at bringing together all stakeholders (companies, governments, civil society and civic tech) involved in open government approach in order to pool and share tools, practices and values. All resources are then available under licenses that specifically allow their free use, modification and redistribution, even commercial.) The alliance defines and resets a frame of ... more

Hacking the decision-making process : how to manage an open and transparent digital consultation ? (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by DemocracyOS France

The objective is to **share the exchange of experiences** from different users of DemocracyOS, regarding the following problems, in order to identify **good practices** from consultation processes: - Which are the good reflexes regarding consultation vía a digital and open tool that enables more transparency? - How is a digital consultation integrated in a more global process where the phys... more

Une co-gestion des déchets dans quatre villes de l'Amérique latine (Workshop)

Connexion durable entre secteur public et société civile Climate and sustainable development

presented by Joseph Pierre

Résumé Ce projet surgit du Fellowship du gouvernement ouvert de l’OEA. Il consiste à présenter un projet en vue de résoudre le problème de la gestion des ordures à partir d’un partenariat secteur public et société civile. Il sera mis en exécution de janvier à juin 2017 de façon parallèle dans quatre villes latino-américaines, à savoir Ouanaminthe (Haïti), Pericicaba (Brésil), Viedma (Argentin... more

De la gouvernance ouverte à la soft law au gouvernement ouvert : le cercle vertueux de l'élaboration collaborative des normes (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Benjamin Jean

### **Version Française** Créée en 2015, Open Law ( est une association qui porte et finance, avec l'aide de ses partenaires publics et privés, des **programmes de co-création numérique dans le monde du droit** (pris au sens large : élaboration et pratique de la loi). Grâce à une méthode de travail inspirée des modes de gouvernement ouvert (collective, horizontale, tran... more

Tackling Global Externalities Through Transparency (Roundtable)

How data will make us more human Access to information

presented by Romain Lacombe

The session will aim to: - identify informational challenges of the kind and scale aforementioned - explore how open data can foster individual and collective empowerment to design solutions to these challenges at the various relevant levels - debate how the democratic and international system of nation-states and international organization can best support the next generation of planetary... more

Maximizing the Impact of Open Data Across Sectors (Roundtable)

Learn About Open Data Cases in Development Contexts Open data and Open resources

presented by Nada Zohdy

There is unprecedented enthusiasm about open data. Last year, open data was the third most popular topic in OGP action plans, and this number will likely rise. However there is often a large gap between publishing government information and seeing its tangible impact. This roundtable will showcase rich, complementary experiences of three organizations on open data applications across sectors (... more

National Level Monitoring of Goal 16 on Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Institutions (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Jairo Acuna

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognize the importance of accountable and responsive institutions in achieving development that ensures no one is left behind. Goal 16 aims to “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels” and establishes a pioneering gl... more

Existenz (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Aurélia Courtot

Existenz c’est la soirée dont nous sommes tous les héros. Un événement ludique et participatif pour construire ensemble un nouveau contrat social et notre vision de la société souhaitée. L’économie est en crise ? Oui… La démocratie est en crise ? Oui… Une crise environnementale nous menace ? Oui… Le propre d’une crise est d’être passager, cyclique. Alors, et si on passait à l'étape sui... more

La réalisation des objectifs de développement durable en Afrique (Roundtable)

L'Afrique et le développement durable Climate and sustainable development

presented by rafedh hayouni

La réalisation des ODD en Afrique ne sera pas une chose facile.Alors que certains se demandent si le ODD pourrait en fait être trop ambitieux, les objectifs sont une réponse honnête aux vrais défis auxquels nous sommes confrontés à la réalisation du développement durable aux niveaux national et mondial. Tous les objectifs sont pertinents. À l'avenir, nous devons être mieux reconnaissant et en ... more

How to make an effective FOIA: measures and practices (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by OGP Team - Italy

A law recognising access to information as a fundamental right can have a huge impact on many areas of public interest: the fight against corruption, the expansion of freedom of expression as well as the economic growth of a country. The Italy Government has just approved its first Freedom of Information Act and the Department for Public Administration, in one of the 33 Actions of the new OGP ... more

Achieving common goals through new alliances (Workshop)

UN Convention against Corruption and Open Government Partnership Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by petertausz

**The workshop will focus on the UNCAC Second Review Cycle on Prevention highlighting the links between open government standards and related UNCAC provisions on transparency and civil society participation. ** An UNCAC resolution from 2009 provides for peer-reviews of all countries to examine UNCAC implementation. There are two 5-year review cycles and the second cycle launched this year... more

Innovative roles of multilateral organizations in promoting Open Government (Roundtable)

Needs, agenda and cooperation tendencies in Latin America Public innovation

presented by The Trust for the Americas

The key element lacking in many Latin American Open Government efforts has been active participation by the clients: the citizenry. Different governments had moved forward their Open Government agendas with relatively little participation from different citizens groups, NGOs, media or private organizations that could assure the government process is not only internally accountable but account... more

Which business model for civic tech endeavours? (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Virgile

While big players such as Facebook and Google are being more and more active on the civic tech sector one must wonder about what’s at stake in leaving our democracy technological renewal to start ups with citizen data driven business models. During this workshop we will try to list possible business models for civic tech projects, their advantages and their drawbacks. If transparency valu... more

Support of partnership and dialogue between government and civil society in public policy making at national and subnational level. (Workshop)

Promoting values of Open Government Partnership on subnational level. Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Iveta Fercikova

Workshop will be divided into 3 phase: 1. phase (50 min) • Presentation of the purpose, aim, goals, activities of the national project by the representatives of the Office of the plenipotentiary of the government of the Slovak republic for development of civil society (Martin Giertl, Iveta Fercikova) • Presentation of the 12 participatory processes by the representatives of the Office of the... more

Using Hubs to Build Ecosystems for Accountability & OGP Implementation (Workshop)

How to leverage existing physical Hubs or create your own to help put OGP commitments into action Implementation of open government

presented by Nada Zohdy

Recently, “hubs” have begun to appear everywhere (including coworking spaces, incubators, and NGO/civil society shared spaces). Since 2008, the number of these physical collaborative centers worldwide has doubled each year. There is enormous potential to leverage existing hubs, or establish new hubs, to put into action OGP commitments. The [OpenGov Hub]( and [Accou... more

Improving Openness and Transparency in Land-Based Investments: Goals, Challenges and Solutions (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jesse Coleman

**Overview:** Land is central to the identity, culture and livelihood of many people around the world. It provides ecosystem services crucial to human survival and development, including food, water and shelter. Sustainable land management is also crucial for climate change mitigation, as the emissions from forestry, agriculture and land use change make up over 30% of total greenhouse gas emis... more

A prototype view in teaching Open Government. What have we found out building OGIG ( Open Government Innovation Gym ) (Pitch)

Implementation of open government


The OGIG (Open Government Innovation Gym), is a project originated from the OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas and its main objective is the incorporation of open government practical skills through an innovative and open education. To create OGIG there was a mapping of various teaching experiences on open government in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. This map shows the ex... more

Enhancing the Public's Voice in Policymaking (Workshop)

A collaborative workshop to identify common challenges, ideas and opportunities in public participation Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Bryant_Renaud

After introductory remarks that establish goals and code of conduct for the session, participants will be broken into small groups of 5-7 participants. Each group will be assigned to a designated facilitator who will guide them through an affinity mapping process to surface and systematize their collective knowledge. In brief, individual group members will be asked to brainstorm as many ideas,... more

The promise of Open Government: from delivery to impact (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Pablo Villarreal

Speakers: Mexico: Ministerial Representative (government); Guillermo Cejudo (Civil society/academic) United States: Mary Beth Goodman, government representative (NSC); Nathaniel Heller, civil society, OGP SC (R4D); Representative of World Justice Project from the Open Government Index The moderator will ask the participants specific questions to have an exchange of ideas and opinions on o... more

Pourquoi ouvrir le code source des logiciels (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Emmanuel Raviart

Atelier de contribution au vade mecum sur les raisons pour les administrations d'ouvrir ou non le code source de leurs logiciels.

Set it Free: How to Advocate for Open Election Data (Workshop)

Developing country-specific strategies for open election data advocacy Open data and Open resources

presented by Amanda Pleasant

Transparency is crucial to gaining public trust in elections, which is the keystone to trust in government. When public institutions open up data, they significantly help in building that trust, which ultimately impacts citizens’ ability to understand and accept electoral outcomes. As civil society organizations (CSOs) have become more vocal in advocating for open election data, election manage... more

OpenGov good practices from our parliaments and governments: how to get them there? (Roundtable)

Open parliament

presented by Regards Citoyens

Transparency and openness rarely comes out of individual initiatives from public institutions. Most often, they are either enacted after a long and continuous advocacy work led by the civil society, or an answer to initiatives taken outside the Parliament to fill a void from the institution. The reuse of lobby registers data by COE, TI Europe, OpenSecrets or the Sunlight Foundation; the digi... more

Fostering Accountability Ecosystems in the Context of OGP National Action Plans (Workshop)

Drivers, Challenges, and Lessons Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Susan Kemp

**Overview** Drawing on recent experiences of Chemonics and Root Change, both partners of the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability, the workshop will highlight experiences and learning for fostering accountability ecosystems, an approach which considers formal and informal accountability mechanisms and engages the range of actors and institutions involved in promoting accoun... more

Anticorruption Observatory: an effective tool to promote a transparency and integrity Agenda (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Maria Jaraquemada

After a number of scandals in Chile related to illegal political financing, influence pedding and conflict of interests, President Bachelet named an Advisory Council -integrated by 16 persons- with the assignment to deliver recommendations to improve regulation in this area. After 45 days of work, the Council delivered a report with 236 recommendations on 5 mayor areas. Due to this report, the ... more

Renforcement de la société civile pour influencer la mise en œuvre de l'Agenda 2030 (Roundtable)

l'Agenda 2030 et la société civile Climate and sustainable development

presented by rafedh hayouni

Le rétrécissement de l'espace pour la société civile d'agir met en péril le rôle clé de ces acteurs à mettre en œuvre l'agenda 2030 pour le développement durable. Nous ne pouvons pas négliger le fait que la société civile est gravement menacée dans de nombreux pays à travers le monde. Le texte de l'Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable appelle à la participation et les contributions de la... more

Hands on accessing and reusing Parliamentary data (Workshop)

Open parliament

presented by Regards Citoyens,,,,,,, PMO websites have emerged in a large number of countries long before parliaments adopted Open Data policies. To create these tools, the PMO community had to reproduce databases that were owned by parliaments themselves or even create data that parlia... more

SOS Mon Climat (Roundtable)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by Maha Lee Cassy

Informer et sensibiliser en temps réel Plusieurs personnes ont besoin d’être informé et sensibilisé pour toucher la réalité du doigt, surtout les jeunes. « SOS Mon Climat » utilise le Big Data pour récolter les données sur le changement climatique à travers le monde. Ces millions d’informations recueillies par jour sont traitées en temps réel et les pertinentes d’entre elles sont mises à la ... more

GitLaw - Using version control software to build laws collaboratively (Workshop)

Open parliament

presented by Regards Citoyens

A number of people have tried to invert Lawrence Lessig's "Code is Law" metaphor by looking at legal documents through the lens of distributed version control systems commonly used by computer code developers. The legislative processes of building and editing bills and laws iteratively is indeed very similar to collaborative software development; thus it makes sense to try to use tools such as ... more

Exploring the Opportunities of Blockchain Technology (Roundtable)

Discussion with the Blockchain Trust Accelerator Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Greg Brown

Blockchain technology provides the opportunity to securely and verifiably record transfers of any type of “asset” -- whether property, votes or information. The first initiative of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator was announced in the Republic of Georgia in April, where the government is working with BitFury to create a blockchain-powered land title database. In theory, blockchain technology co... more

Physical Labs as a way to hack the parliament (Roundtable)

Let citizens play and innovate within the house! Open parliament

presented by Regards Citoyens

The Civic Tech, Free software and Open Source communities are getting more and more people informed and engaged with MPs and parliamentary activities building and using digital tools such as PMO portals (, NosDéputé, ...). These tools, allowing citizens to better understand democratic institutions, were created outside the parliaments themselves and by people whom never wo... more

Issues of Open Government in Latin American Cities. (Roundtable)

Inequality, State Capabilities and the Need To Imagine The Future. Open government for cities

presented by Diego De Francesco

The Open Government Partnership pilot program for subnational entities provides an opportunity to think about what open government means for cities. As we know, urbanization processes —that is, the migration from the country to cities— is a world wide phenomenon. Life in cities has become the predominant way of life for most human beings. And as the trend expands, new challenges arise. From ... more

Democratizing Open Government in the Americas (Pitch)

How to expand the concept of Open Government beyond traditional groups Public innovation

presented by The Trust for the Americas

The key element lacking in many Latin American Open Government efforts has been active participation by the clients: the citizenry. Different governments had moved forward their Open Government agendas with relatively little participation from different citizens groups, NGOs, media or private organizations that could assure the government process is not only internally accountable but account... more

Using the Open Data Census to measure your city openness (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Oscar Montiel

Since 2014 we've collaborated with communities in different countries to find out how open their cities are. So far we have 40 countries gathering information from their cities. We want to have more people involved with their local groups in doing this evaluation. During this workshop we'll se what's the best way to implement the Census and use it as a tool for advocacy on better open data.

Ethique du Governement Ouvert : créer les conditions de la confiance (Workshop)

Co-construction d'une Charte éthique pour la confiance dans les pratiques de gouvernement ouvert et participatif Implementation of open government

presented by Benjamin Jean

### **Version française** La multiplication des pratiques de gouvernement ouvert impose de réfléchir sur les conditions dans lesquelles ces démarches permettent une véritable co-élaboration des normes. Cela suppose que les dispositifs mis en place, nécessairement collaboratifs et ouverts, s'appuient sur des outils open source garantissant la fiabilité et la vérifiabilité des résultats. ... more

Harta Banilor Publici app (Public Procurement Map) (Pitch)

Let's develop together open data tools! Open data and Open resources

presented by Inițiativa România

**Harta Banilor Publici (Public Money Map) is a mobile and web app developed by Inițiativa România as a mean to bring to the public attention in very friendly user ways public procurement data**. The app is complex, as it can filter information regarding the authorities who contracted the services, contractors as well as dynamics of the values in question. Both versions of the apps have interac... more

Yela : pour le financement des projets pilotes en milieu rural en Afrique (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Maha Lee Cassy

Origine et explication du nom « Yela » signifie mûrir, arriver à maturité. Et par extension, « Yela » est la métaphore du colibri qui souhaite éteindre un incendie. Une goutte d’eau que peut porter le colibri dans son bec est insuffisante certes mais si tout le monde en fait autant, nous pourrions avoir bon espoir pour aider les populations rurales qui n’attendent que cela. En clair notre obje... more

Getter better value from city infrastructure (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by John Hawkins

In 2008, for the first time in history, the urban population outnumbered the rural population. Planned and managed well, cities can be powerful vehicles for inclusion, access and economic opportunity. And yet almost 1 billion people (one third of urban dwellers globally and 70% in Africa) live in urban slums and informal settlements without access to basic services. Rapid population and urban ... more

Cartographier les bureaux de votes en France (Roundtable)

Comment pallier l'absence de données fiables disponibles? Open data and Open resources

presented by Al

En effet si, en 2015, le ministère de l'intérieur a publié en open data ([]( les résultats des scrutins électoraux (nationaux et locaux) depuis 1999 par bureau de vote, Les limites réelles des bureaux de votes sont souvent difficiles à obtenir. Le processus de **limitation géographique des bureaux de vote** est long et fastidieux; plusieurs méthodes... more

Open Data for Kids - Integrating Open Data into Public Schools Curriculum (Pitch)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Mary Loitsker

“The Democratic Experience” is a collaboration of four Israeli NGOs: the Public Knowledge Workshop (PKW, advocates government transparency by building open data tools), the Social Guard (SG, monitors the work of the Knesset), the Center for Educational Technology (CET, introduces innovative technologies into the education system), and the Joint Council of Pre-Military Leadership Academies (JCPM... more

Adaptive learning, politics and open governance (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Maria Florencia Guerzovich

There is an increasing recognition that progress towards more open governancen requires engaging political processes. It comes about through cycles of learning by doing. International institutions such as the World Bank and OGP are increasingly taking these ideas on board. Many practitioners on the frontlines of national and sub-national change are innovating and experimenting how to operati... more

Building Sustainable Resilient Communities with Open Source and Open Data: Principles and Experiences from the Field (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Vivien Deparday

Started in 2011 by the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), the Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) applies the concepts of the global open data movement to the challenges of reducing vulnerability to natural hazards and the impacts of climate change. OpenDRI supports World Bank Disaster Risk Management teams to build capacity and long-term ownersh... more

Open data quality assesments (Roundtable)

How good are our evaluations to be our guidelines to open data? Open data and Open resources

presented by Ricardo Alanis

When we want to open data, There are as many evaluations that we use as guidelines on which datasets we should Open and how we should open them: We got the Open Data Census and the Open Data Barometer to mention two; and of course the never failing "Open all the data that may be opened" approach. But what kind of Open Data Map are we building? Is there an objective way to choose which topics ha... more

Open Data Handbook: a tool for activists (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Oscar Montiel

Originally published in 2012, the Handbook has become the go to resource for the open data community. It was written by the expert members of the open data community and has been translated into over 18 languages. Whether you want to learn about the why and how of open data or you’re working on a specific subject, the Handbook can serve as a resource on how to open data, finding use cases or a ... more

What is the concept of Open Government? An approach to its principles (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Caroline Burle

The concept of open government is associated with themes such as access to information, citizen participation, transparency, accountability, open data, collaboration and co-creation between government and civil society, also embracing innovation in public policy management. Since it is associated with different areas of knowledge, distinct actors, cultural and political contexts, the term may h... more

Contract transparency in global cities: Mapping what works (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Alyssa Doom

Effective and accountable procurement is fundamental to functional municipal governance, but new global best practices in open procurement have not quite taken hold. There are however major bright spots and mayors who want to take the lead in this field. Our session will build understanding about what’s working for open contracting/procurement policy, practice, and data standards, at the city l... more

Following the Money: Using open fiscal data to track and shape the flow of public resources (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jorge Florez

For governments to be open and accountable it’s imperative to ensure that citizens can access information about how public resources and use this information to shape the way resources are used to deliver development results. Despite welcome progress opening budgets and advancing the open data agenda, in many countries citizens remain unable to get a full picture of the flow of public resources... more

Exploring International Open Data Transformation (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Alina östling

Mary Francoli and Alina Ostling have drafted a paper exploring the implementation of open data that can be used as a starting point for the workshop. The paper examines how OGP members are operationalizing the concept of open data and uses a dataset of commitments prepared by the OGP Support Unit as its point of departure. The dataset tags all commitments made by members as belonging to one... more

Plaidoyer pour l'adoption d'une politique nationale des données ouvertes au Bénin (Pitch)

Implementation of open government

presented by Maurice Thantan

Contrairement au Burkina Faso ou encore à la Côte-d'Ivoire (inutile de donner ici les exemples des grands pays occidentaux), le Bénin ne dispose toujours pas d'une politique nationale de promotion des données ouvertes. Le pitch que je vous propose va être une action de plaidoyer pour démontrer pourquoi le Bénin a intérêt à adopter maintenant une politique nationale d'ouverture des données p... more

Open Procurement Data, as Means of Preventing and Fighting against Corruption (Workshop)

Open data tools & Good governance Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Inițiativa România

Our NGO, Inițiativa România, (but also other NGOs) using public procurement data, started building mobile and web applications that showcased **how clean, structured and user friendly open data can i) bring to the public agenda cases of corruption or misuse of public funds, ii) reform public policies or institutions, iii) engage citizens and communities in the public decision making process**. ... more

Vulnerabilities to Corruption: (Pitch)

and How to Find Them Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Rima Kawas

_The Pitch_ In order to assess the anti-corruption efforts within government, it is first important to understand how corruption actually occurs. To achieve this IRI developed its proven Vulnerabilities to Corruption Assessment (VCA) to assess and discover the root causes of corruption in municipalities. Since corruption is an act that is perpetrated by two sides that both want to conceal it... more

Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development: Data4SDGs Toolbox (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Sanjeev Khagram

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data was launched during the SDGs Summit and UN General Assembly Meetings of September, 2015 to support countries around the world and stakeholders across sectors better harness the data revolution to achieve the SDGs as they are aligned and prioritized according to regional, national and sub-national sustainable development priorities. The Pa... more

Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in Latin American Cities (Pitch)

Case study of San Pedro Garza García, México. Public innovation

presented by Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza

**Abstract** [The GovLab Academy](, the municipality of San Pedro Garza García and [Codeando México]( have launched a pilot on [Testing Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in Latin American Cities]( Cities need to solve increasingly complex probl... more

Data Science with Open Data (Roundtable)

Are we there yet? Open data and Open resources

presented by Ricardo Alanis

The promise of open data comes with the expectation of big data and the analytical tools related to large datasets. As quality and quantity of the data increases with time we may be closer to fulfilling that expectation, Are we getting there? What are the challenges we are throughout the data science process to get there? How far are we from generating tidy data, standard-compliant, feature ric... more

Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest in the Parliament (Roundtable)

Open parliament

presented by Anastasiya Kozlovtseva

The roundtable will be moderated by Anastasiya Kozlovtseva (TI Ukraine). Depending on the amount of attendees, in the beginning of the roundtable people will shortly present themselves, in order to make communication less formal and better understand the audience. (10 minutes) The topic of the discussion will be presented by the moderator, the emphasis will be put on the importance of the h... more

Mapatón CDMX: Results, learnings and the upcoming season (Pitch)

insights on crowdsourcing and urban ecosystems Open government for cities

presented by Diego Cuesy Edgar & Bernardo Rivera Muñozcano

There were 761 teams who played Mapatón CDMX and helped map 1800 bus routes. There have been over 10,000 consultations of the data produced many efforts of NGOs and think tanks to complete and improve its quality. Such is the case with Centro Mario Molina, a major think tank dedicated to sustainability that cleaned the data in order to carry out a robust proposal for metropolitan transportation... more

Exploring new ways to shed light on lobbying practices in France through OpenData and online tools (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Transparency International France

Lobbying plays an increasing role in shaping public decisions. When its use is made clear and transparent, lobbying can help provide public decision makers with useful information and a better understanding of increasingly complex issues. On the contrary, unregulated lobbying can lead to abuses, decisions reflecting private interests over general interest, undue costs to the community and a ser... more

Breaching the Communication Barrier (Roundtable)

Improving Parliament Engagement and Civic Participation through Social Media and Open Data Open parliament

presented by Diah Setiawaty

The Legislative openness attempt and open parliament initiatives that has been enforced by the collaboration and co-creation between government and civil societies has showing a significant result particularly in Caucacus, Africa, Eastern Europe, and also Asia-Pasific areas . In Indonesia case, there has been several development since the first action plan was created in 2014 until the process... more

Common goals and targets about environmental governance in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement (Roundtable)

SDGs and the Paris Agreement Climate and sustainable development

presented by Ana Lucía Maya Aguirre

Environmental governance plays a key role in the implementation of both the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. In that sense, it is important to identify how to fulfill the specific goals involving environmental governance as well as the transversal elements of this governance that are present in other goals, including the goal on climate change. The roundtable is organiz... more

Assets & Interests Declarations (Workshop)

Citizen accountability in Assets & Interests Declarations Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Maria Jaraquemada

The workshop will present cases from Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. Recently, these countries have adopted new standards on this issue or some authorities are voluntarily disclosing some information about their assets and interests on their webs or in social networks. We will also present how the information that is public available is being used or reused in each country by different st... more


Climate and sustainable development

presented by Harold Williams

OUTLINE: Speaker: Harold Williams is the national Coordinator of the Environmental Forum for Action, an environmental consortium of community based organizations, academia and media aimed at collaborating towards more sustainable development on the local, regional and international tiers. TIME BREAKDOWN: 2 minute self introduction and brief outline on Sierra Leone as the 2nd most vulnerable... more

Organismos de Control y Gobierno Abierto (Pitch)

Experiencias Regionales para el fortalecimiento de la rendición de cuentas y la vinculación ciudadana Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Maximiliano Sheehan

Los objetivos de garantizar acceso a la información pública y mejorar los mecanismos de rendición de cuentas de cara a la ciudadanía son componentes que han tomado fuerte presencia en las agendas de los distintos gobiernos. La Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto representa una gran oportunidad para promover el fortalecimiento de los sistemas de rendición de cuentas de los países latinoamericanos, ... more

Developing and Implementing Parliamentary Openness Commitments (Roundtable)

Case Studies from Indonesia, Kenya, and Paraguay Open parliament

presented by Greg Brown

This session would expose the audience to models of parliamentary engagement in three different countries, focusing specifically on the development and implementation of legislative openness commitments. To ensure that the perspectives of both parliament and civil society are fully recognized, a representative from each will be included in the session. Speakers will discuss the process by which... more

S’approprier la démocratie : « com-prendre » le pouvoir avec les civic techs (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by France Stratégie

**À quelles conditions le numérique peut-il contribuer à inverser cette tendance ?** Les innovations rassemblées sous le concept de « Civic Tech » (Technologie Civique) offrent de nouveaux outils d’expression, de communication, de réflexion, susceptibles de permettre aux citoyens de s’investir au-delà du vote, en participant au débat et à l’action publics. En France, les premières expérience... more

Contracting 5 launching cocktail (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Georg Neumann

This session is being submitted jointly by the Government of Mexico and the Open Contracting Partnership, after a consultation with the Government of the UK and the Government of France. As part of the C5, member countries committed to: Ensure that their knowledge and experience of implementing OCDS and other standards will benefit not only the C5 group but other countries embarking on ope... more

Voluntary Certification Systems: How Civil Society can Partner with Governments and the Private Sector to Promote Sustainable Supply Chains (Workshop)

An interactive workshop to discuss innovative strategies to improve environmental sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions Climate and sustainable development

presented by Blair Cameron

In recent decades, civil society organizations (CSOs) have led global campaigns to clean up the resource extraction and agriculture industries. These campaigns have highlighted the impact the timber, cattle ranching, and palm oil industries have on deforestation and global climate change. Unsustainable production in these industries affects not just local peoples, but the international communit... more

La démocratie participative: Tous participants d’un gouvernement ouvert (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by Guy Grenier

L’Observatoire international de la démocratie participative (OIDP) est un réseau de plus de 500 ville du monde, d’entités, d’organisation et de centre de recherche qui souhaitent connaître, échanger et mettre en oeuvre des expériences sur la démocratie participative au niveau local afin d’approfondir la démocratie dans le gouvernement des villes. Le réseau est né en 2001 dans le cadre des pr... more

“Open Government Data and Public Procurement” in Basilicata (Italy) (Pitch)

A pilot-project to develop the Linked Open Data in the Public System Open data and Open resources

presented by Comunità Montana Alto Basento with Siris Academic

The present showcase is about the Open Government Data pilot-project to develop the first semantic interoperability platform in the context of the Basilicata Public Procurement system. The main aim of the project is to use the linked open data (which is easily replicable as one of the main goal of the project) applied to the e-procurement supplies, work, and services as an applicative case s... more

IT&C Tools for Transparency and Participatory Decisions in Local Governance (Workshop)

Higher Transparency - Better Decisions Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Inițiativa România

In recent years, advances in internet services accessibility and the multiplication of IT&C open government solutions have made possible the **addressing of issues like corruption, inefficiency in spending public money and lack of accountability not only in terms of public monitoring or criminal justice, but also in terms of prevention by promoting transparency and participation in the decision... more

Access to information - vital tool for building transparency within the public sector (Workshop)

Strenghtening the partnership with the civil society - leadership on access to information policies in Romania Access to information

presented by Luca Ciubotaru

With a very small team and limited resources, yet with great political support of the independent technocratic Cabinet, starting with the top leadership, our Ministry acted in order to assume a main role in strenghtening capacities in the Governmental in internalizing transparency and participatory decision-making process. The two legislative tools that guided the Ministry’s activities were: th... more

Democratizing Access to Data by Staging it in the Cloud (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by jedsundwall

In the book *Data Driven* by DJ Patil and Hilary Mason, the authors state that “…data must be organized, well-documented, consistently formatted, and error free. Cleaning the data is often the most taxing part of data science, and is frequently 80% of the work.” The 80% of time required to prepare data for analysis represents a huge opportunity to improve data access. Traditionally, due to l... more

Comment décider efficacement dans une société ou un gouvernement ouvert ? (Pitch)

Présentation d'une boîte à outils démocratique portée par 2 startups : OpenDecide & Quorum Implementation of open government

presented by Guillaume TASTET

Les leaders modernes sont face à un défi paradoxal : allier la productivité avec des approches de plus en plus participatives. L’objectif de la boite à outils OpenDecide Public est de faire converger facilement un grand nombre d’avis vers un avis consensuel global. Cette capacité à consolider les réflexions des leaders via une approche véritablement démocratique à grande échelle sera d... more

Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in cities. When, why and how. (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Catalina

About Codeando México: odeando México is a mexican non profit composed by a wide community of civic hackers, that aims to solve public and social problems through technology while creating new ways of public and civic engagement. Codeando México main axis are: Open Data ( Open Innovation ( and Civic Hacking, we have formed local communities in more than ... more

How OGP triggers advancements on environment and access rights (Principle 10): A brief look to LAC and Europe. (Roundtable)

New ways for government and civil society to work together and contribute to the implementation of the SDAs 2030. Climate and sustainable development

presented by Paulina Ibarra

The following countries are OGP members and Signatory Countries of the LAC process for Principle 10: Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay. In addition, some European countries are OGP members and while having ratified the Aarhus Convention for P10 for the UNECE region. The analysis of the information w... more

Challenges and solutions for civic engagement in the global south (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Oscar Montiel

Civic tech means different things in different contexts. Building the best app for smartphones doesn't mean that it will bring people together to work on a subject, even when activists and CSOs think it will. In a round table we'll share the experience from different countries in the global south working on civic tech projects. What challenges did we have,what did we get right and more importan... more

Conciencia ciudadana para una mejor apertura y sensibilización en transparencia y rendición de cuentas en la comunidad escolar a nivel básico de Morelos, México. (Workshop)

La conciencia ciudadana implica un compromiso para ejercer la democracia participativa desde las instituciones educativas Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Julio Mendez Alvarez

Promover una cultura del derecho de acceso a la información en la población educativa a nivel básico, con la finalidad de fomentar una integración holística que desarrolle valores de respeto, igualdad, honestidad, responsabilidad y transparencia y rendición de cuentas; teniendo la posibilidad que los principios cimentados desde la educación, conduzcan para el buen desarrollo de la democracia qu... more

Citizen Monitoring in Pakistan and Kosovo: How to Create Short-Route Accountability (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Tristan Dreisbach

The concept of “short-route accountability,” in which citizens directly hold a service provider accountable for the quality of service delivery, can inform approaches to monitoring the performance of public institutions. This workshop explores two examples of reformers utilizing limited resources to establish effective accountability mechanisms. The lessons learned will help OGP countries and a... more

Forming the next generation of Open Government leaders (Workshop)

How effective youth engagement can contribute to achieving real participation Implementation of open government

presented by Matthias Jaeger

Active youth engagement will be key to broadening civic participation and political ownership of Open Government and to sustaining and deepening what has been achieved by the Open Government movement so far. Rising expectations of social inclusion and political participation, new information technologies expanding the realm of opportunities, as well as frustration with existing systems of repre... more

¡The future is ours!: Youth participation in civic tech (Pitch)

Mechanisms to encourage youth participation in civic tech Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Maria Esther Cervantes

Outline of speed talk: - Native technology users - Pop culture as a civic tech vehicle: The importance of representation - I'm passionate about this and ¿now what? - Local to global - Community examples - Democratization of international agenda - The future is ours, ¡don't take it away!

Bringing Tech to the Table: How Technologists Level the Playing Field between Civil Society and Government (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Kat Duffy

This Roundtable will be conversational in style, facilitated by Kat Duffy, Labs Director at the Sunlight Foundation. The discussion will begin by short presentations on successful models for bringing technologists into strategic leadership roles in government and in civic tech organizations, and how those different models have moved open government initiatives forward in specific, replicable wa... more

Open data for the Sustainable Development Goals (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Joanna Perrens

Critical data gaps, poor quality data and lack of capacity to use data have been highlighted as key challenges to achieving and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals. This session will bring together a range of open data initiatives and perspectives from government and civil society to consider how open data can provide solutions to some of these problems and how countries are using the... more

Celebrating International Anticorruption Day through OGP (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Elena Calistru

The result of the workshop will be a roadmap which will show the possible uses of open data and big data in preventing or fighting corruption in public spending. In order to do so, the outline of the workshop will go through the following steps which are in line with the various phases of the public spending cycle: 1. Profiling public spending to identify the standard patterns – use of open da... more

Brazilian Anti-Corruption Plan: Innovative strategies in fighting corruption (Roundtable)

“New challenges requires new weapons to increase the fight against corruption by Brazilian Government” Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Getulio Vargas Foundation Rio Law School

Brazil has enacted the Clean Companies’ Act in 2013 in the midst of popular riots in major cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia. After the coming into force of such Statute in January 2014, several investigations by Public Prosecutors and by CGU (the Brazilian Administrative Anti-Bribery Agency) were initiated, thus fostering a new age of enforcement against corruption in Braz... more

Dans la famille de l'Open, je demande la fille Education (Roundtable)

Quelle synergie favoriser entre les acteurs de l'Open Education en France et Francophonie ? Open data and Open resources

presented by Sophie TOUZÉ

Cet atelier vous donnera l’opportunité d’explorer ou d’approfondir le monde de l’Open education et le formidable travail déjà opéré par l'Open Education Consortium, ses 300 universités et des organismes partenaires que sont l’UNESCO, l’OIF, l’OCDE pour promouvoir, accompagner et stimuler l’ouverture de l’éducation et de ses ressources. Puis vous serez invités à participer, donner votre opini... more

Title: Opening the government together: how to institutionalize an OGP process? (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by fabrizio

By joining the Open Government Partnership governments commit to create spaces of effective citizen participation, where they respond to citizens` demands, partner with citizens to address pressing challenges, and are held accountable for the implementation of public policies. What participation, collaboration and accountability mean cannot be subject to the interpretation of the government of ... more

Blumenau’s “Transparent Management” program (Pitch)

A successful case of promotion of accountability and fight against corruption in southern Brazil. Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Paulo Eduardo de Oliveira Costa

The program "Transparent Management" from Blumenau has three packages consisting chronologically, with forty-eight goals proposed in total. These goals are organized and divided into five areas, namely the management, standardization, innovation, training and more information. The coordination of the program is the Department of Government Management of Blumenau Town Hall, and its execution... more

How to engage Parliaments in OGP? (Roundtable)

Open parliament

presented by Octavio

Since OGP’s foundation back in 2010, not only new countries have been incorporated to the Alliance, but also many Parliaments have engaged with its principles and developed agreements or Action Plans together with local civil society. This was mainly pushed by the Opening Parliament community around the world, which has one of its milestones in the creation of the Legislative Openness Working G... more

Gender Equality should not be forgotten: The Latin American experience on building commitments that are gender-sensitive (Pitch)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Cynthia Castaneda

About the speaker: Cynthia Castaneda is researcher at the Center of Research for Development (CIDAC). Her experience working for think tanks and CSOs has been focused in projects of citizen participation, open data, transparency, accountability and gender equality. She currently represents CIDAC as one of the CSOs part of the civil society component at OGP Mexico. She also leads a project on op... more

Networking to open parliaments (Roundtable)

Why and How work together? Open parliament

presented by Octavio

At this moment, there are many networks working in this topic: the Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency, TransparenCEE in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Open Parliament Network within Parlamericas. In Africa, there is an attempt to build a sustainable network between PMOs from different regions, leaded by the Centre for Democratic Development in Ghana. Moreover, parliamentar... more

Opening Planetary-Scale Data for Climate Research (Workshop)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by jedsundwall

Making Earth observation data available in the cloud is accelerating scientific discovery and lowering the cost of climate research. This session will describe how cloud-based techniques lets earth scientists, researchers, startups and GIS professionals gather, analyze and present Earth Observation data without worrying about limitations of bandwidth, storage, memory, or processing power. On... more

Transforming Environmental Information to Action (Workshop)

Using Information to Trigger Environmental Participation & Accountability Climate and sustainable development

presented by Margaretha Quina

Air and water pollution, despite an old problem of the sustainable development, are still highly relevant as major barriers in achieving sustainable development. Due to pollution issues, many people still could not enjoy fundamental right to clean water as well as right to healthy and safe environment. While information is definitely one factor in ensuring a better pollution control and imp... more

Open Data from around the world (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Mor Rubinstein

We have done this format before and Open Knowledge International would like to repeat it again. Prior to the event groups can sign to present in the session. Each group gets 2 minutes to give highlights from the past year about their Open Data successes, failures and challenges. People are welcome to join and listen to these pitches and get a global overview of open data. We also intend to ... more

One world, One Database. Worldwide Freedom of information (FOI) laws database of requests (Pitch)

Disruptive technology Public innovation

presented by Florin Badita

This proposal wants to show how can the normal citizen of this world can get involved in something global, just by sending Freedom of information request to the city where they live in. this information will be useful to journalists, researchers and citizens all around the globe. Until now, i personally send over 7000 FOI request in Romania, but if i don`t put them online somewhere, nob... more

Digital transformation, the key efficiency tool for governments to deliver better services and build a "New Deal" with citizens (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by irmaguler

•Why user behavior monitoring and analytics are vitally important in healthcare security •Reducing costs and changing the healthcare game with Advanced Analytics Other topics to be developed such as security.

In family of Open, I ask for the daughter Education (Workshop)

What synergy between OGP and Open Education ? Open data and Open resources

presented by Sophie TOUZÉ

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore the world of Open Education and the great job yet did with more than 300 universities and ONG to promote, support and advance openness in education around the world. Then you will be invited to participate, give your opinion and ideas how we can make government integrating the question of open educational ressources in their national a... more

Making OGP sustainable: realistic, measurable and accountable commitments. Exchanging international experiences. (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by AngieNavarroMX

The expected outcome of the Open Government movement is to improve people's lives, through opening public sector information and decision-making processes to civil society, with the argument that on one hand, public sector information is not the property of governments but the citizens, and on the other hand, that with the constant reduction of resources, collective intelligence can achieve mor... more

The Open Government principles as enablers of the 2030 Agenda (Workshop)

Open government to achieve SDGs Climate and sustainable development

presented by Pablo Villarreal

Format: workshop Speakers: Representative of the government of Mexico (1), Representative of the government of France (1), Representative of the Government of the US (1), Representative of OGP Moderation strategy: Experts will explain the 5 commitments of the Joint Declaration and their implications. Then, they will give examples of how countries could act upon them, and participants will w... more

L’audit interne, fonction-clé de la redevabilité et de la transparence de l’action publique (Roundtable)

Rôles et modalités d'action de l'audit interne en faveur d'une démarche de gouvernement ouvert Implementation of open government

presented by Marie-Caroline BEER - IFACI - Groupe professionnel "administrations de l'Etat"

NB : La thématique de rattachement proposée est : "Assistance à la mise en œuvre d’un gouvernement ouvert" L’évènement est une table ronde faisant appel à une participation préalable de l’assistance. **Dimension participative :** Tous les inscrits à la table ronde recevront un formulaire (en français, en anglais, éventuellement en espagnol si l’organisation le souhaite) qu’il leur sera... more

The new public service boundaries (Roundtable)

For a new world of public services coproduction. Implementation of open government

presented by ACTEURS PUBLICS

illustrate how open government management can change relationship between administrations and citizens.


An oblique approach to evolutionary policy making Public innovation

presented by fuentespanana

The workshop will follow this sequence: Each participant should attend the workshop thinking on a public problem and a solution to it. 5 minutes Facilitators will explain the methodology of the workshop. 10 minutes Attendants will be divided in pairs: red and blue team. Reds will explain the public problem to their pair, focusing on the people involved in its solution: gover... more

How does Civic Tech work with Traditional Social Movement? (Pitch)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Wu Min-Husan

Below are the questions I would like to bring up: 1. What are the differences between the traditional NGOs and Civic Tech about engaging /empowering people? And why? 1. What are the fundamental reasons that make NGOs reluctant to go “open”? 1. What lessons could we learn from Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement and the trend of openness among different political parties thereafter? 1. How do civi... more

Widening Transparency: Disclosing Beneficial Ownership to Curb Illicit Financial Flows in the Extractive Industries (Roundtable)

Time to Reveal Who Stands Behind the Extractive Companies Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Rizky Ananda Wulan Sapta Rini

The Panama Paper phenomenon with their revelation of hundreds world politicians having offshore companies in the tax havens brings the spotlight to the illicit financial flows. Illicit financial flows which is generated from corruption, tax evasion and other illegal resource exploitation have become a major concern of global community, given its huge impact toward the economy and importantly pe... more

SDG16 and Open Governance: Exploring Interlinkages, Opportunities and Tools for Engagement (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by John Romano

The 2030 Agenda reaffirms the wealth of evidence that ‘there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development’. It also recognizes that good governance and strong and accountable institutions underpin development and peace-building efforts. To explore the interlinkages between the Sustainable Development Goals – most notably SDG16 on peaceful, jus... more

Measuring SDG16 and Open Governance: Opportunities, Solutions and Partnerships to Overcome Data Challenges (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by John Romano

To meet the ambition of the SDGs and OGP Commitments, it is essential that they are matched by equally comprehensive and inclusive data collection, and monitoring and accountability measures. While national governments and specialized intergovernmental institutions will be responsible for official monitoring of the SDGs, supplementary data from nongovernmental sources - including civil society... more

La démocratie de demain se fera par l'intelligence collective : oui, mais comment ? (Pitch)

Implementation of open government

presented by Charlotte-Amélie Veaux

A l’heure où la défiance envers le pouvoir s’accroit, réinventer la "méthode" politique avec les outils naissants de la "civic tech" semble plus que jamais une nécessité. L'émergence de ces nouvelles pratiques de transparence, de délibération et de décision démocratiques s'accompagnent de nombreux défis, comme en témoignent les interrogations sur le bien-fondé du processus référendaire suite au... more

Unlocking Expertise in Governance Innovation (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Andrew Young

**Abstract** In the private sector where managers want granular evidence of hard skills not readily apparent from transcripts, people are turning to technology known as expert networks--technology and taxonomies liked LinkedIn--to identify who knows what and better organize how people learn and work. But in public institutions, especially, it is all too common for individual know how to ... more

Getting Data Experts to ‘Open’ up (Workshop)

Digital and development

presented by The Open Data Institute

The workshop will be run by a member of the ODI and participants from the Mexico and Tanzania courses. The workshop will: - Explore how shared learning provides a unique mechanism to bring together government, business and civil society - Insights from the workshops run in Mexico and Tanzania - Demonstrate the benefits from equipping data experts with the skills to communicate their... more

Open data, Agriculture & Open Government (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by The Open Data Institute

This session will start with 4 short presentations: - IODC and the Open Data Charter Sector Packages - Charter Lead Steward (tbc) (5 min) - Relevance of open data for agriculture - Andre Laperriere, director of GODAN (tbc) (5 min) - Agricultural Sector Package - André Jellema, project consultant & Fiona Smith, Open Data Institute (10 min) - A government perspective - Enrique Zapata, Gover... more

Scaling Up Co-Creation on Improving Public Service Deliveries and Governance Through Open Data Initiatives (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Agung Hikmat

Co-creation between government and civil society in improving public service has been showing significant progress and results. Not only public participation improve the delivery of public service through exploration and use of data, but also such participation could help the government to arrive in unprecedented quality data collection which eventually could underpin attempts on evidence based... more

The new Law on General Administrative Procedure - better services for citizens and business (Pitch)

Implementation of open government

presented by Dragana Brajovic

The Law on General Administrative Procedures was adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on 29 February 2016. However, its full implementation has been delayed until June 2017, except the provisions regulating ex officio exchange of information on facts contained in official records, which took effect on 8 June 2016. Implementation of these provisions was pushed forward becau... more

Hands on Open Government with OAS fellows (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Paulina

Every Open Government Conference is the same: you get to listen to great experiences but you have very little interaction and honest answers with (answers from o dialogue with) people that have actually done Open Government. The OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas, organized by the Department for Effective Public Management of the OAS, seeks to create a network of young leaders wh... more

From Rhetoric to Reality: Incentivising Data Use for Development (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Paige Kirby

Facilitated by Dustin Homer (Development Gateway), this workshop will bring together government counterparts, development partners, and open data activists to “dig deep” into the role of incentives for data use. Following brief opening remarks on findings from the [Results Data Initiative]( (RDI), 1-2 government data “power users” will sh... more

L'Open Gov, c'est aussi les entreprises (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Raoul Delpech

La mise en œuvre de l'Open Gov suppose un outil numérique adapté, mais au-delà des choix technologiques qui sont ou seront réalisés dans cet objectif, se pose la question de l'implication des entreprises dans les discussions prenant place au sein de l'OGP. Au même titre que les associations, les intellectuels et les citoyens, les entreprises font partie de la société civile et ont donc voca... more

Can extractive companies hack it? Using extractives data to hold companies & governments to account (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by James Royston

What does “using the data” look like? The event, co-sponsored with OpenOil, will begin with a short introduction from a panel of experts and activists working with extractives data. This will include James Royston - Publish What You Pay (PWYP)-International (moderator) and Anton Ruehling/Paul Dziedzic - OpenOil, who will talk about PWYP’s Data Extractors programme; two PWYP Data Extractors, who... more

How local startup incubators are creating a powerful global innovation network (Pitch)

Public innovation

presented by The Open Data Institute

The pitch will be delivered by one member of the Open Data Institute and member from the Mexican or Malaysia regional hub. It will run for approximately ten minutes and will be accompanied by a powerpoint presentation. The ODI will outline the framework for the hubs, and the various ways the startups are supported. This will be followed by a member from one of the regional hubs who will give so... more

Study Tours: How immersive learning exchanges can build capacity within open data ecosystems (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by The Open Data Institute

Speakers: A member from the Tanzanian delegation who participated in the study tour will lead the presentation and will be supported by members from the Open Data Institute. Outline of event: Short presentation (10 minutes) accompanied by powerpoint slides, followed by Q & A.

Open Data: What is and what isn’t working (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Carlos Iglesias

Despite the rapid spread of open government data plans and policies, too much critical data remains locked in government filing cabinets. For example, in [the last Open Data Barometer]( only two countries publish acceptable detailed open public spending data and out of all 1,380 government datasets surveyed, almost 90% are still closed — roughly t... more

Why connecting press freedom and the right to access information to open data to OGP is essential (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by Alexander B. Howard

Open to format: I could deliver a keynote talk, followed by questions and answers, or moderate an interactive panel discussion with three investigative journalists from around the world discussing their experience with how FOI/ATI requests and proactive disclosures through open data do or do not inform their journalism.

Networked Governments (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by The Open Data Institute

Proposed Participants: The panel will consist of approximately five people from the following organisations: the Open Data Institute, Members of the Open Data Leaders Network (for example members from Ukraine, Mexico, Spain, France, Burkina Faso) Facilitator: The Open Data Institute The session will begin with a five minute introduction from the facilitator to set the scene around the role ... more

L'Open Source, outil indispensable de l'Open Gov (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Raoul Delpech

Fondé sur la transparence, la participation et la collaboration, l'Open Gov ne peut fonctionner que grâce à des outils numériques puissants et agiles. Ces nouveaux Systèmes d'Information – ces E-Governements (ou E-Gov) – doivent ainsi permettre de répondre aux enjeux liés à l'asymétrie naturelle des échanges entre l'Etat et la société civile. Dans ce contexte, le succès mondial des logiciel... more

Open Government and Open Data initiatives in the countries of Southeastern Europe (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Driart Elshani

There is a significant movement underway in the countries of Southeastern Europe for Open Government and Open Data initiatives. It is considered that the transition to Open Government would contribute to the public administration reform, reducing corruption, increasing trust from citizens and democratic advancement and development in these countries. But how much was the impact so far and are ... more


Design principles to help public and local administration to develop applications that generate citizens engagement Implementation of open government

presented by Florent BARRE

Over the last few years we have seen growing recognition by public sector of the potential of the use of tech to build a better local democracy. We have consequently seen local administrations, IT companies build civic consultation and participation tools, platforms and apps - on their own. But those tools has shown some limits, precisely because **the viability of those apps, and the succ... more

No excuse to wait: building climate resilience and addressing vulnerability through transparent, participatory and accountable planning and finance (Roundtable)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by jworker11

Climate information systems are often still fragmented—even in wealthy countries. However, climate model projections may not be able to be effectively downscaled to usable levels for some time—but this does not mean that vulnerabilities cannot be addressed. The process for assessing vulnerability and prioritizing actions should be transparent, inclusive, and accountable in order to ensure equit... more

Voter guide for legislators and council member in Taiwan (Pitch)

make information accessible to votes so uninformed votes can be reduced Open parliament

presented by chinchen

### Voter's Guide In both the local councils election of 2014 and the congressional election of 2016, there were 400-500k(2% of our population) active users on [Voter's Guide]( during the month before the elections, [this is finally we present to citizen](, including the official platforms, past congress vo... more


Linguistic open data : the key to boost multilingual information access and communications Open data and Open resources

presented by Dr. Khalid CHOUKRI

Multilingualism and linguistic diversity are fundamental principles of many geographical regions both intra-countries and cross-borders. Today, we work, study, travel, live and do business across national and political borders. It is essential to support a truly multilingual Digital Communication at a global level. For this purpose, the use of language technologies, in particular Automated ... more

Are we making an impact? - Scotland’s experience of developing a transparent framework to align our National Performance Framework with Global Goals and Human Rights (Workshop)

Scotland’s experience of developing a transparent framework to align our National Performance Framework with Global Goals and Human Rights Implementation of open government

presented by Doreen Grove

The event proposal is currently from a Scottish perspective, but we would like to identify a partner country to share and develop this proposal. It will be largely participative, but will be chaired by Roger Halliday Chief Statistician and Head of Performance at Scottish Government. It will introduce participants to Scotland’s approach to integrating our National Outcomes with the Sustainable ... more

Conseil National Consultatif des Personnes Handicapées (Workshop)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Etienne Petitmengin

Participation de la société civile à la co-construction de la politique publique

Community FireCast App (Pitch)

Real time disclosure of Santa Catarina Military Fire Department's emergencies Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by CBMSC

**Community FireCast App**: real time disclosure of Santa Catarina Military Fire Department's emergencies. The project consists in automatic divulgation of incidents attended by Santa Catarina Military Fire Department (CBMSC) by the application called “Community FireCast”. The App was developed by CBMSC's Technology Division itself, without any funding or specific resource using free and open s... more

Oil, gas and mining injustices - stories from the underground (Roundtable)

Civic space restrictions and activism on natural resource governance Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Asmara Klein

The workshop, co-sponsored by CIVICUS and PWYP, will be moderated by Elisa Peter, Executive Director of Publish What You Pay and member of the CIVICUS Board. It will start with a short presentation of the main findings from the PWYP-CIVICUS report. Hard evidence will be reinforced by 1-2 activists who will give their testimonies of the retaliation they suffered due to their work for transparenc... more

Using Data Visualization to Catalyze Communities (Pitch)

Digital and development

presented by Paige Kirby

We believe this session would be an ideal candidate to be matched with other similar pitches on new tools for open governance, data transparency, and data visualization and invite the selection committee to consider linking our proposal with others of this nature, creating one session with various lightning talks highlighting each innovation. Development Gateway will offer a short and dynami... more

How to advance Open Government in countries with difficult contexts? (Workshop)

Foster the experience exchange and support between members of organized civil society involved in Open Government processes in countries undergoing difficult contexts Implementation of open government

presented by Justine Dupuy

The workshop will be organized by the core group of civil society organizations involved in OGP Mexico. During the workshop, four facilitators will be required: Two facilitators to lead the debate, guide the contributions, and monitoring timings. Two facilitators to write on flipchart paper on the wall the most important points of the discussion. The workshop is aimed at members of organi... more

Les milles plateaux de l’évaluation de l’action publique (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by MATYJASIK

Cet atelier a pour but de préciser la contribution de l’évaluation de l’action publique aux logiques de gouvernement ouvert (processus d’ouverture et de mise en commun des données, participation des citoyens, transparence). L’atelier aura d’abord pour objectif d’inciter les acteurs du gouvernement ouvert à dépasser une logique stérile de recherche d’efficacité pour amener l’action publique à ... more

Comarquage 2 (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Nicolas Duval

Comarquage est un ensemble d'outils clé en main et personnalisables, à intégrer en quelques clics dans les sites internet des collectivités territoriales et des services de l’État. Créé en 2009, utilisé aujourd’hui par plus de 350 collectivités, il est aujourd’hui une des références pour l’information des citoyens par les communes. Il a été primé en 2013 en recevant le prix spécial du jury du c... more

Au-delà des grandes métropoles, comment l’open data améliore l'action publique locale ? (Roundtable)

L'open data dans les politiques publiques locales Regional focus and Francophonie

presented by OpenData Lab

La table ronde est destinée en priorité aux personnels et élus de collectivités de taille intermédiaire et petite (moins de 150 000 habitants) ainsi qu’à toute personne contribuant au déploiement de démarches d’ouverture des données et d’innovation locale pour ce type de collectivités. Un premier tour de table permettra à chaque intervenant de se présenter et de témoigner des bénéfices et de... more

Experiences from the Progress and Strengthening of the Right of Access to Information (Roundtable)

Experiences from the Progress and Strengthening of the Right of Access to Information Access to information

presented by Ricardo A. Valencia

In 2013, under the OGP, the Access to Information Working Group was established in order to promote the access to information from an international platform that coordinates governments and civil society actors for the promotion of effective accountability practices and the development of more transparent and open public institutions. Thus, the Working Group’s objective is to become a valuable ... more

Improving Service Delivery through Open Governance: A focus on Health and Nutrition (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Maé Kurkjian

**Facts:** - 1 in 8 of all children in the world under the age of five who die annually are Nigerian, equivalent to 750,000 children dying in the country each year. - 33% of Nigeria children below the age of five are stunted due to the lack of access to sufficient amounts of healthy food. - Approximately 58,000 mothers die every year in Nigeria to pregnancy- or childbirth-related cau... more

Transparency between universities and the private sector/industry - UniversityWatch (Workshop)

Are Higher Education Institutions / Universities independent? Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Christopher Bohlens

Workshop with a presentation and discussion with participants. Outline of the presentation: - Why Universitywatch - Percentage of founding at HEIs - Position of the government - What is Universitywatch - Level of influence - The problem of transparency - What kind of data - Presentation of the website - Reactions and possible results - Communication with the government and soci... more

Reconnaître et favoriser le développement des Communs de la Connaissance (Roundtable)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Lionel Maurel

Trois thématiques principales seront abordées au cours de cette table-ronde : **1) Favoriser l'ouverture en matière d'éducation et de recherche** - Encourager la production collaborative de Ressources Educatives Libres (REL) dans les établissements d'enseignement, en accord avec [la déclaration de Paris de 2012]( more

Mobiliser des contributeurs et lever des fonds sur Internet : pourquoi le crowdfunding est d’abord destiné aux associations? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by HelloAsso

Pour aller plus loin que la mise à disposition gratuite de ses outils, HelloAsso propose un temps de rencontre, d’échange et de formation au financement participatif. L’occasion d’aborder les points clés qui font d’un simple appel au don une vraie aventure, les conseils qui font devenir de simples donateurs, de vrais ambassadeurs de votre projet associatif. Au programme : Le B.A.BA du fin... more

The role of access to information in advancing the SDGs: Impacts beyond Goal 16 (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by Laura Neuman

The Open Government Partnership Access to Information Working Group (ATI WG) serves as a resource for governments in designing and implementing effective and ambitious commitments regarding ATI and disclosure of relevant information; supports the participation of key stakeholders in the OGP ATI dialogue; advances peer learning; and promotes the right of access to information as a catalyst for g... more

Two Sides of the Transparency Coin: Open Data And ATI (Workshop)

Synergies between Open Data & Access to Information Communities for a better information architecture Access to information

presented by Bhanupriya Rao

If RTI (FOI, ATI) and Open data have the same goal of a better information architecture, how can both the groups find ways of working together? This is the question the workshop seeks to explore. India is one of the countries which has a 10 year old RTI law and an almost 30 year old citizen driven movement to pass an RTI Act. More recently, it has also adopted a National Data Sharing and Ac... more

Collectivités, comment mobiliser vos concitoyens grâce au financement participatif ? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by HelloAsso

**Collectivités, fédérez et mobilisez vos citoyens autour de vos projets !** Réhabiliter un centre social, ajouter une nouvelle aile à la bibliothèque municipale, ou encore rénover les salles de classes de l’école primaire ? Vous pouvez compter sur vos concitoyens pour vous apporter leur soutien en donnant du sens à l’implication de chacun. HelloAsso, leader de la collecte en ligne pour le ... more

The Future of National Action Plans (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Pablo Villarreal

Format: Roundtable discussion between stakeholders Speakers: Mexican Government Ministerial representative and Civil Society Lead; Costa Rica government representative and Civil society lead; United States government and and Civil Society lead (Manish Bapna); and from OGP Joe Foti (moderator). Moderation Strategy: The moderator will promote an active and insightful discussion between each of... more

QUORUM : Mobiliser et engager les individus sur le terrain à l'ère du numérique (Pitch)

Digitaliser le terrain et rendre plus accessible l'engagement civique Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Al

> _Le Pitch ?_ > Le pitch sera l’occasion pour notre équipe composée de scientifiques des donnés _(data scientists)_, de developpers, de field officers, et de professionnels de l’experience utilisateur de **vous presenter un cas d’utilisation et de montrer comment une organisation efficace, engageante pour les bénévoles et militants, peut améliorer l’impact d’un mouvement, d'une campagne,... more

Rendez-vous parlementaires du Gouvernement ouvert (Roundtable)

Vers un nouveau rôle des collectivités : initiatives et partage d'expérience Open parliament

presented by Sébastien Garnault

Ce projet vise donc à promouvoir les initiatives qui existent déjà en France, et de les partager avec les délégations et les participants. Cette illustration concrète de la présidence française du PGO participera au travail de pédagogie et d'information. Trois thématiques seraient abordées : - Les collectivités territoriales françaises (quels systèmes mis en place, pour quelles collectivité... more

Using data to enhance parliamentary accountability (Workshop)

An introduction into parliamentary monitoring platforms Open parliament

presented by Verité Research

The event will comprise three components: (1) 40 minute presentation on parliamentary monitoring (2) 10 minute Q&A; and (3) 20 minute interactive session. Presentation on Parliamentary Monitoring (40 minutes) During the introductory presentation, VR will share its experiences on parliamentary monitoring and its applicability for other legislative monitoring initiatives. Accordingly, ... more

Women Hackers Action Tank - table ronde avec les lauréats du 2ème hackathon WHAT (Roundtable)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Anne Chanard

Présentation du principe du hackathon par Emmanuelle Jardat, Orange, Isabelle Galy, CNAM, Ivanne Poussier, Carole Malbrancq, Intel, Anne Chanard, Ac² Présentation des projets primés par les lauréats / lauréates (qui seront récompensés au terme du hackathon le 30/11) Discussion sur les projets primés

Access to Information and the SDGs (Workshop)

Putting the Commitment of Goal 16 Into Practice Access to information

presented by Caroline Giraud

The workshop is envisaged as an interactive working session for up to 50 participants with round tables. In the first 30 minutes, the lead moderator and the four table animators will provide background explanation: what the OGP is currently doing in relation to public access to information, what SDG 16 and SDG 16.10 are, which theme will be discussed per table and what each table must produ... more

Consultation publique en ligne : quel usage de ce nouvel outil pour les pouvoirs publics ? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Naomi Peres

A définir, en équilibrant témoignages des pouvoirs publics et de parties prenantes ayant contribué à des consultations. Le ministère de la culture et de la communication n'aura pas la capacité à assurer la préparation de cet événement, mais serait très intéressé pour y contribuer.

Open data and disability (Pitch)

Generating information for inclusion Open data and Open resources

presented by Jimena Luna

In Chile, we have recently published the results of the Second National Study on Disability, which was developed with a focus on human rights in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This study estimates the prevalence of people with disabilities in Chile and reveals what its real context is regarding general population in terms of levels o... more

Bridging Access to Information and Open Data with Effective Records Management (Roundtable)

The Foundation for Successful Open Government Partnerships Implementation of open government

presented by David Leitch

Open government depends on enhancing access to government information and on expanding and improving open data. As governments rely increasingly on digital information systems, it is important to link together public records, data and the systems used to create and manage them. Harmonizing records management requirements with ATI and open data commitments through national action plans will incr... more

From talk to tangible: Concrete solutions to transparency and accountability in permit-intensive industries (Workshop)

Disruptive Technologies leading development and transparency Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Will Cass

Investment in developing nations can be stifled by complex and unclear rules and regulations. Internal and external investment has been slow due to the very real problems of widespread corruption, unclear rules and regulations, and an overall lack of transparency leading to low business confidence. This session will discuss digital solutions as the fundamental component in resolving the issues ... more

The Importance of Open Address Information (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Stephen Lewis

The U.S. Department of Transportation and its partners from all levels of government recognize the need for a National Address Database (NAD). Accurate and up-to-date addresses are critical to transportation safety and emergency response. They are also essential for a broad range of government services, including mail delivery, permitting, and school siting. To date, there has been no nation... more : un outil d'observation de l'évolution des territoires (Pitch)

L’IGN invente la machine à remonter le temps : une plongée immersive dans le temps et dans l’espace Access to information

presented by IGN, l’Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière

Démonstration de l’application Simple d’utilisation et accessible à tous, ce géoservice unique permet de visualiser et comparer en quelques clics des cartes et photos aériennes anciennes et actuelles issues d’un vaste catalogue de données de référence : carte de Cassini (18e siècle), carte de l’État-Major (1825-1866), carte IGN 1 : 50 000 (1950), photo... more

Vers une entreprise ouverte ? (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Baptiste Sans Jofre

Considérant les liens entre externalités positives, l’avancée du numérique et l’envie citoyenne de contribuer, est-il possible de décliner et se projeter dans une entreprise privée ouverte ? Les GAFAs sont-ils des modèles d’entreprises ouvertes ? Cette proposition cherche à traiter les caractéristiques d’entreprises idéalement ouvertes. Les GAFAs ne semblent pas avoir renoncé à une gouvernance... more

Quality Assurance in Public Health with Open Data (Pitch)

Digital and development

presented by Elena Ignatova

The health sector constantly lacks funding and is one of the most difficult sectors to determine needs. One solution to identify needs is having access to current and accurate data on quality of public health services. BlueSquare builds innovative technologies that work with open source tools to improve health and quality of life. The tools used in each country are based on collection and a... more

Vote for Open Data! (Roundtable)

The use of open data in general elections around the world Open data and Open resources

presented by Claire Foulquier-Gazagnes

This panel will bring together the voices of many actors in the open election space, who are currently working open data to either predict the vote or target the voters, to be confirmed:``` - Malick TAPSOBA, ‎Deputy Manager, Burkina Open Data Initiative (Burkina Faso, government) - Arthur Muller, co-founder of Liegey Muller Pons (France, startup) - Katie Harbath, Global Politics and Govern... more

Open urban property data for tackling money laundering (Roundtable)

Shell companies and the city Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Fabiano Angélico

Transparency International UK conducted a research in 2015 that showed that shell companies owned many properties in London, demonstrating that a large amount of illicit money is likely being laundered in real estates worldwide. TI Brazil decided to replicate the methodology in the in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, taking the advantage that the municipality opened its data base on real estate p... more

Open Parliaments are a Function of Good Governance (Pitch)

The Case of Uganda's Parliament Open parliament

presented by Jeff Wadulo

This Presentation falls in the Pitch – Short and inspiring talk category under the track of Open Parliament intended to take only 15 minutes. The Speaker is Jeff Gidaguyi Wadulo, A Parliamentary Lobbyist with the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG), based in Kampala Uganda. This presentation makes a case that open parliaments are largely informed by the degree of good governance that th... more

Solutions Workshop (Workshop)

How open access and open educational resources solve local challenges Open data and Open resources

presented by Jennryn Wetzler

Increasingly, OGP countries are leveraging open resources to address sustainable development challenges and meet National Action Plan goals. The Solutions Workshop will convene policymakers and civil society stakeholders with a global community seeking opportunities to address current challenges in their local communities through open access and open educational resources. The workshop will sha... more

Agenda for Transparency and Integrity in Business and Politics (Chile) (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Francisco Sanchez

The proposed discussion in this roundtable is based on, but not limited to, some of the most transformative measures of the Agenda, including the following: - Measures related to the regulation of lobbying activity. The Law on Lobbying Activity (No. 20 730) was enacted in 2015, however, the Agenda includes further elements such as disclosing the list of registered lobbyists and a Best Pract... more

Open Government 3.0: Putting Politics, Technology & Transparency to Work for Better Services (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Samantha Custer

There has been an explosion of interest in leveraging technology, information and participation for more accountable governance. Yet, the tools to rigorously monitor progress
 and assess performance have not kept pace. In the desire to be nimble and adaptive, technology-enabled open government initiatives are vulnerable to poorly articulated theories of change and weak performance monitoring sy... more

Building an Open Data Community (Workshop)

Cross-Sector Collaboration Led By Civil Society Open data and Open resources

presented by Katarina Kosmina

Civil society organizations can reap great benefits from open data in the context of their research and advocacy endeavors, especially for those CSOs operating in ‘data light’ environments. However, given their experience in recognizing relevant stakeholders and cooperating with them, CSOs may be able to use these experiences to enhance open data collaboration across different sectors: the gove... more

2020 Digital Agenda (Chile) (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Francisco Sanchez

The discussion will be structured around the six main objectives of the 2020 Digital Agenda: - Full respect of people’s rights related to Internet and Information and Communication Technologies An inclusive digital development can only be achieved if the regulations reflect the paradigmatic changes brought by ITCs. Chile faces challenges in the adequation of its legal framework related to... more

Developing Guidelines for Engaging Citizens to Open Parliament (Workshop)

Co-creation Session for Parliamentarians and Civil Society Open parliament

presented by Emilie Lemieux

This global workshop, hosted by ParlAmericas, the Legislative Openness Working Group (LOWG) and the Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency, will be geared towards parliamentarians, civil society organizations and any individuals interested in strengthening parliamentary engagement with citizens throughout the legislative process. It will provide an opportunity for all participants... more

Engaging Citizens to Open Parliament (Roundtable)

Successes, Challenges and Innovative New Approaches Open parliament

presented by Emilie Lemieux

Many countries have adopted principles of legislative openness and focused on developing approaches to better engage citizens in the development of strategies to open parliament and in the decision-making process as a whole. This session will explore success stories, challenges and innovative new approaches, drawing from the experience of parliamentarians and civil society organizations across ... more

Seeing through land (Roundtable)

Transparency in property rights data Implementation of open government

presented by Lindsay Ferris

“Land & resource governance” touches upon key Open Government Partnership issues, from natural resource management, fisheries, records management, indigenous populations, to accountability in the delivery of government services. Despite the relevance of property rights on other aspects of land monitoring, such as agriculture, oil and mining concessions and conservation efforts, the interplay be... more

Brazilian coallition around Open Parliament (Roundtable)

The Legislative as a guarantor of the Open Government Agenda Open parliament

presented by Fabiano Angélico

Open Parliament is one of the tracks for the Brazilian National Action Plan in 2016, which seems to have strenghened relations among NGOs concerned with the topic (the workshops around the construction of the commitments ocurred in the 1st semester of 2016). In July 2016 a few NGOs wrote an Open Letter to members of the Lower House asking for more transparency in the process of selecting the Sp... more

Local Government Decisions in Open Structured Format (Workshop)

What data should the cities publish about the thousands of decisions being made every day for developers to build meaningful apps? Open government for cities

presented by Joonas Pekkanen

Intro - Joonas Pekkanen, City of Helsinki, e-participation unit Case: Open Ahjo - Juha Yrjölä, City of Helsinki, open source developer team (TBC) Setting the standards - Aapo Rista, Forum Virium Helsinki / 6Aika project (TBC) Other cities intros (we hope all city representatives and civic tech developers with examples from their own cities to contact us beforehand if they are willing to pres... more

Is more always better? When does more participation lead to better decisions? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Tim Hughes

The session will be co-run by Nesta and Involve. Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. Involve is a democracy charity with a mission to inspire, innovate and embed effective citizen engagement, so that members of the public are able to take and influence the decisions that affect their lives. Involve also coordinates the UK O... more

Open data + Civic tech = Better elections? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Joe Mitchell

How open is elections data in your country? Can you access data on when elections are happening and for what region? What about data on candidates? On polling places? On results? What tools can we use to help voters be better informed — so they get a better representative democracy? And what's this got to do with OGP? Democracy Club (UK) can kick off the discussion with our experience -... more

dataESR - hub thématique de données (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Emmanuel Weisenburger

Le projet dataESR, lauréat de l'appel à projet "Industrialisation de la mise à disposition de données ouvertes" du programme des investissements d'avenir, a pour objectif de constituer une infrastructure ouverte et générique de gestion et d’exposition des données produites et/ou utilisées (données, nomenclatures et référentiels, autres métadonnées) par l’administration centrale Enseignement sup... more

Comment des communautés cartopgraphient l'Afrique de l'Ouest avec OpenStreetMap (Roundtable)

Regional focus and Francophonie

presented by Maurice Thantan

Panélistes - Lalaicha Maïga (OpenStreetMap Mali) - Amadou Ndong (OpenStreetMap Sénégal) - Saliou Abdou (OpenStreetMap Bénin) - Nicolas Chavent (OpenStreetMap France) Modérateur : Maurice Thantan (Bénin)

Government - CSO Collaboration to Prevent Corruption with Open Procurement in Indonesia (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by

Resource persons: - National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP) - Ikak G Prastomo - Indonesia Corruption Watch - Adnan Topan Husodo - Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) - Agus Rahardjo * OECD (?) * Open Contracting Partnership – Lindsey Marchessault – Senior Manager for Data and Engagement * Omidyar Network – Martin Tisne * A representative from Philippine Gov... more

How Accessible Open Data Can Boost Civic Tech (Roundtable)

Open Data and Civic Tech - an Empowering Combination Open data and Open resources

presented by OpenDataSoft

Civic engagement and participation are two of the main objectives of the Open Government movement, which has acknowledged that transparency is simply not enough. But, can governments achieve enhanced participation and social innovation simply through making information available to the public? How do these two worlds converge, what are the common factors and how is it that we can achieve a soci... more

YourDataStories Platform (Workshop)

An innovative tool to help you make sense of Open Governmental Data Open data and Open resources

presented by GFOSS

The revolution in information technology over the last years has proven its ability to process huge amounts of data and made evident that big data can change the world. Open Government Data, from being an obscure possibility just few years ago, is spreading across the globe at a phenomenal rate, delivering the promise to spur innovation, deliver better services for less money, improve planning,... more

Next steps on open data in the Netherlands (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by PaulSuijkerbuijk

The Dutch government is working on open data since 2010 with currently available over 7.000 datasets from a wide range of governments. Steps are taken in a law on re-use of government information (PSI directive), the Dutch freedom of information act (Wob) as a guideline for openness of data and open data guidelines as a part of the National Open Data Agenda. Open data in the Netherlands is... more

How to build a bridge of trust between citizens and the legislator - Latvian success story (Pitch)

Social initiative platform Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Annija

Speaker: CEO Imants Breidaks; The speech will include: Story on how the platform earned its place in the Latvian politics, why citizens trust the platform, how it manages to be completely neutral and financially self-sufficient, what are the challenges and the global ambitions for the team!

Using Open Data Tools to Understand Contracts and Catalyze Contract Transparency (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by SamCCSI

**Participating organizations:** Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) and Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI) Investments in agriculture, forestry, and extractive industries have far-reaching implications for the lives of affected individuals and communities, as well as for governments’ efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve the govern... more

Public Sector Innovation and Open Governance: What are the links? (Workshop)

Public innovation

presented by Andi Pawelke

This session will explore how systematic innovation could contribute to a more effective, transparent and responsive public sector. The primary questions that this session will deal with are as follows: 1. Do PSI labs fulfill the goals of making governments more transparent and open? Or are they organized for other goals such as making government systems more efficient and effective? 2... more

Open policy making in Europe (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Anthony Zacharzewski

The Democratic Society is undertaking a programme of research and practical experimentation on participation in EU policy making, with the support of the Open Society European Policy Institute. This session will report on the early outcomes of the research, and discuss what issues and methods the practical experimentation might explore. Session outline: We start with a 10-15 minutes report-b... more

Promoting Open Parliaments through UN SDGs and Parliaments’ Strategic Plans (Roundtable)

Open parliament

presented by Sophie Guruli

Outline The session is designed to demonstrate that the short term openness action plans are not a stand-alone documents but rather reflect a more comprehensive strategies and longer term processes. Legislative openness action plans will be viewed in a wider context of parliamentary reform, more particularly, serving to support the implementation of UN SDGs and Parliamentary strategic plans. D... more

Le Big Data au service du développement: engageons-nous ! (Roundtable)

Comment exploiter le Big Data pour améliorer l'aide au développement? Digital and development

presented by Joséphine de Bartillat

La "datification" est en marche et le secteur de l'aide au développement doit en saisir l'opportunité. Chaque jour, citoyens, opérateurs privés et acteurs institutionnels produisent des données en masse qui pourraient être exploitées à des fins humanitaires. Une meilleure analyse des flux migratoires, la production de cartographies de la pauvreté, ou encore le recueil d’informations en temps ... more

When civil society takes the lead (Workshop)

Positive practices in NAP development Implementation of open government

presented by Ovidiu Voicu

### 1. FLASH PRESENTATIONS (3/3/3) – 20 MINUTES - no more than 3 minutes - no more than 3 slides - no more than 3 questions from the public Several examples of civil society driven initiatives in NAP development. Confirmed speakers: - Romania (Ovidiu Voicu, [Center for Public Innovation]( - UK (Tim Hughes, [Involve]( - Moldo... more

Forum international des bonnes pratiques en matière de lutte contre la fraude et le blanchiment (Roundtable)

Venez découvrir les enjeux et les pratiques mises en oeuvre dans d'autres pays en matière de lutte contre la fraude et le blanchiment et venez exprimer vos exigences Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Sylvie Billard

La Délégation Nationale de Lutte contre la Fraude et le Ministère de l'Intérieur, avec l’appui de la DINSIC, vous invitent au forum international sur la lutte contre la fraude et le blanchiment d’argent. Son ambition est de faire découvrir à l’ensemble des participants les pratiques mises en œuvre dans différents pays, de créer une émulation entre les administrations afin de contribuer à l'amél... more

Géoportail de l’urbanisme : nouvel accès aux documents d’urbanisme (Roundtable)

un atout pour les citoyens et les acteurs publics Access to information

presented by IGN, l’Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière

Présentation du point d’entrée unique de référence, accessible à tous gratuitement, le Géoportail de l’urbanisme est un portail cartographique dédié, permettant la consultation des documents d’urbanisme ainsi que la consultation des Servitudes d’Utilité Publique (SUP). C’est à la Direction de l’habitat, de l’urbanisme et des paysages (DHUP), du Ministère du logement et de l’habitat durable, et ... more

In the Public Interest: Preventing Policy Capture (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jeroen Michels

Capture in public decision making occurs when the interests of a narrow group dominate those of other stakeholders to the benefit of that narrow group. By influencing public decisions, i.e. “capturing them”, narrow interest groups are either directly shaping the future legal and regulatory environment, or influencing the way how these rules are interpreted, making the most out of loopholes and ... more

Civic and Government engagement in building a robust transparency (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Margaretha Wahyuningsih

Land use change and its (mis) management thus corruption has emerged as prominent factor in GHG emission from Indonesia. In addition, forest fires, drought, flood and deforestation are several impacts which support poverty in a natural resources-wealthy country such as Indonesia. It takes a lot of efforts in transparency and accountability to enhance a better governance in land use change. ... more

Ouvrir l’entreprise à la société : l’engagement des entreprises dans la lutte contre le changement climatique (Roundtable)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by Arthur Saraiva Ferreira

Acteurs incontournables dans la lutte contre le changement climatique, les entreprises sont de plus en plus présentes dans les enceintes internationales pour exprimer leurs positions et engagements sur ce sujet. Dans le contexte de la COP21, nombreuses ont été les alliances et coalitions d’entreprises à annoncer des engagements de réduction d’émissions de GES dans leurs activités. La question s... more

Quels acteurs pour une transition politique et sociale basée sur les communs ? (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by Julien Lecaille

Pour en discuter (sous réserve) - Yannick **Blanc** (La Fonda : ) Auteur de "Après le Léviathan, l'Etat dans la grande transition" - Michel **Bauwens** (P2P Foundation : , Commons Strategy Group ) Auteur de "Sauver le monde : vers une économie post-capitaliste avec le peer-... more

Smart Cities, Smart Advocacy (Roundtable)

What can we do to put the citizen at the center of the Smart City? Public innovation

presented by OpenDataSoft

During this session, panelists will discuss the following subjects: - Why it is important to make Smart City sensor data available in Open Data for CSOs; - Best practices for opening Smart City sensor data; - Necessary technologies for a most effective project. Panelists have not all been confirmed yet, however profiles include: - Jean-Marc Lazard, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenDataSoft;... more

How to open city in 80 minutes? (Workshop)

Impossible? It always seems impossible until it's done. Open government for cities

presented by Katarzyna Mikolajczyk

**WHY?** Poland is not yet a member of the Open Government Partnership, therefore we are focusing on opening local governments by helping them in implementation of systemic policies. **WHAT?** Is there any guide to open data in my city? What are the most important steps in opening data? Which datasets should be open first? – Those are questions asked in every city. Probably it is also you... more

Down-to-earth practices to re-shape formal institutions (Pitch)

From practice to theory and viceversa Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Paz de Torres

This paper covers the grounds of continuous improvement methods as well as the way to be implemented in formal organizations of different sorts: they may belong to political, economic or social spheres. To this respect, “formal organization” can be understood as a particular category of “institution” in the sense outlined by Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Douglass North. By this, a formal ... more

Démarche de progrès démocratique en Région Centre Val de Loire (Pitch)

Public innovation

presented by Nathanael Legeard

Pour concrétiser les 4 grands axes de progrès démocratique et construire une région participative, la Région lance une concertation multi-acteurs visant à mobiliser les citoyen-ne-s et les acteurs locaux et régionaux. Elle propose de s’appuyer sur : - la mise en place de « panels territoriaux citoyens pour le progrès démocratique » à l’échelle des départements et de chacun des bassins de vi... more

Territoires Hautement Citoyens (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Armel Le Coz

_Autour de la table ronde :_ - 3 élus de collectivités locales engagées dans des démarches exemplaires d'ouverture de leur gouvernance : Mulhouse, Grenoble, Nantes, Saillans, Loos-en-Gohelle, Tremargat... (invitations en cours) - 1 chercheur capable d'apporter un regard critique sur les expériences : Clément Mabi, Loïc Blondiaux, Bastien François, Dominique Bourg... **Animation :... more

Démocratie Ouverte, collectif francophone de transition démocratique (Pitch)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Démocratie Ouverte

Présentation du collectif par un ou plusieurs membres du bureau de l'association : Elisa Lewis, Loïc Blondiaux, Clément Mabi, Romain Slitine, Claudy Lebreton, Clara Boudehen... Présentation de quelques porteurs de projets : Voxe, CapCollectif, Communecter, DemocracyOS, Accropolis, Politizr, etc.

The Inventory and Placement of Stakeholders for Civic Participation in public policy (Pitch)

Open government for cities

presented by Cheng-yun Chang

In order to promote civic participation in public policy, Taiwan carried out online petition service in September of 2015 that allows the people to make a proposal by their own. The proposal will become formal when the signatures threshold of 5,000 people is reached, then the competent authority must respond within 60 days. “Introduce the cancer immune-cell therapy Bill to the Legislation and A... more

Le coup d'Etat citoyen : Comment les innovateurs démocratiques changent le monde (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Elisa Lewis

Cette conférence interactive sera animée et mise en perspective par Elisa Lewis et Romain Slitine, qui ont réalisé pendant près de deux ans un "tour du monde" des innovations démocratiques pour écrire **"Le coup d'Etat citoyen" (éditions La Découverte, 2016)**. Les participants seront invités à découvrir des solutions concrètes et à dialoguer avec plusieurs défricheurs démocratiques frança... more

#RevolutionCR - A Revolution of IDEAS and Public Policy, in Costa Rica (Pitch)

#RevolucionCR is a space for promoting disruptive social, political, and regulatory innovation that is citizen-centered, expert-enabled, and powered by IDEAS Labs- IMPACT ACCELERATOR. Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Luis E. Loria

On July 4, 2016, in order to promote a better use of the knowledge available in society to solve the main problems of Costa Rica, IDEAS, an independent think tank, launched an Internet-based platform that will allow individuals to contribute with concrete and viable solutions in 13 policy areas. The solutions can be entered in the #RevolucionCR, which stands for Revolution Costa Rica, web s... more

Prototyper le civic-hall à la française (Workshop)

Innovation démocratique : le tiers-lieu éphémère Implementation of open government

presented by Démocratie Ouverte

A l’aide du matériel fourni (cartons, mobilier éphémère, papier, feutres, gros scotch...), les participants font vivre grandeur nature le futur civic hall parisien, en matérialisant et animant les différents espaces qu’ils souhaiteraient que ce tiers-lieu comporte et les services qu’ils souhaiteraient y trouver. Ils simulent ses premières activités -interventions, workshops, rencontres- comme s... more

Financer l'innovation démocratique en France : pourquoi ? comment ? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Démocratie Ouverte

Intervenants : Une fondation étrangère (Open Knowledge Foundation ou Knight Foundation); un chercheur (qui puisse décrypter quelques modèles inspirants en France et à l'international) ; une entreprise engagée sur les thématiques de la démocratie et de l'engagement citoyen (Ben & Jerrys); un acteur public (Caisse des Dépôts) L'animation est effectuée par l'associtation Démocratie Ouverte

Using Standardized Financial Data: Creating Value for the Public Good (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by amybedwards

Governments around the globe have been collecting and reporting financial information for hundreds of years and in the past, much of this data was not widely used. In recent years, many countries have identified opportunities to modernize financial reporting to make it more efficient, to utilize the data to create more value for government, and to make this data accessible to the public. Leadi... more

Open Implementation: Strengthening Outcomes with Public Input (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by amybedwards

For the past two years, the United States Department of the Treasury (U.S. Treasury) has been leading a project to increase the spending transparency of the U.S. Federal government – mandated by the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act). The U.S. Treasury is required to increase transparency by connecting more than 300 disconnected data elements from hundreds of financi... more

Climate Change Innovation, Climate Data platform (Roundtable)

From Dots to Net: Climate Change Collaboration with Innovative, Perspective, or Collective Actions Climate and sustainable development

presented by ChiMing Peng

After the contracting parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (hereinafter UNFCCC) has adopted the Paris Agreement in the end of 2015, the international community has set forth its bottom-up approach to climate actions and prepared to carry out its promises. Meanwhile, the global community has been mobilized to launch various kinds of climate actions. The civil s... more

How Mobile Technologies and services can help deliver Government's Goals? (Pitch)

Digital Inclusion and Mobile Services Digital and development

presented by Roger Essoh

Mobile technologies and services promote digital inclusion, enabling citizens around the world to benefit from the exchange of information for business and social purposes, increasing their productivity, and improving access to digital information. Digital citizen now use mobile to access to Government's services and reduce their transportation, communication and transaction costs.

Punto de contacto de Gobierno Abierto (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Zaira Mejia

Mantenimiento de Gobierno Abierto a pesar de la coyuntura de actos de corrupción y el proceso de cambio de Gobierno, lo cual con la suma de voluntades de todas las instituciones participantes se ha logrado fortalecer aun más la iniciativa de Gobierno Abierto en Guatemala, bajo los lineamientos de cultura de transforfamación de la gestión pública.

Mexico toward a Regional Instrument for Principle 10 (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by Gloria Olimpia Castillo Blanco

The speakers will be representants fromo the organizations that since 2012 had been working to promote the participation in Mexico to get a Regional instrument for Principle 10 and to get the participatios of more organizations

Open School: New Ways to Improve Education Condition and Governance through Community Participation (Workshop)

Knowledge And Experience Sharing About Public Participation To Improve The Good School Governance Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by wawan suyatmiko

Education is very critical for human development and happiness. More countries around the world put education as the priority sector in the national development and, for that matter, provide big amount of budget. Indonesia, for example, allocates 20% of national budget on education since mandated by the Law No 20/2003. In Philippines, Departement of Education receive the largest budget, namely ... more

Open Justice for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Argentina, Costa Rica and Georgia (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Sandra Elena

Argentina, Georgia and Costa Rica have invested resources in the implementation of open justice programs during the last years. These countries will present their achievements, debate over common challenges and elaborate on the theory of change behind their open justice policies. Costa Rican Judiciary open government strategy focuses on three topics. The first one includes a new judicial gov... more

How does beneficial ownership data help fight systemic corruption and encourage integrity in business? (Roundtable)

Changing incentives & feedback loops to create systemic change Open data and Open resources

presented by Hera Hussain

We will be publishing the take aways from the session in the form of a blog and people will get a chance to provide feedback on how the schema and standard of global beneficial ownership register can be more effective. We are also planning to follow up with the participants afterwards to see if they would like to reflect on the dialogue and write an opinion piece on it so the impact of the sess... more

Growing the Community of Innovation for SDG Data (Workshop)

Global collaboration for Open Source, Data Standards, and Data Visualization in support of Sustainable Development Goals data Open data and Open resources

presented by Philip Ashlock

This workshop will investigate specific opportunities and challenges for global collaboration around data for the Sustainable Development Goals including: 1. How to support and participate in global communities developing open source solutions to manage SDG data. This will build on collaborations like those between Mexico and the U.S. and the broader Data Revolution for Sustainable Developm... more

Rethinking bureaucracies in changing dynamic scenarios. (Workshop)

Government agencies and capability traps Implementation of open government

presented by Diego Cuesy Edgar & Bernardo Rivera Muñozcano

As many systems today, public bureaucracies were designed before the digital revolution. Their traditionally rigid and closed practices and processes are challenged by the rapid flow of information and a wide dissatisfaction of citizens with their elected governments. How not to fall into capability traps when trying implementing open government practices at agency level? The Law to Make Me... more

Gender and open government - current challenges and the road ahead (Workshop)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Mor Rubinstein

This session will be a hands-on workshop, and participants from all genders and organisations are welcome to share their thoughts. The first part of the workshop will focus on mapping the current challenges of gender in small groups (20 minutes). After the groups brainstorming, participants will choose the main three challenges that are critical to tackling (20 minutes). The room then will be d... more

Vers la Société de connaissance (Roundtable)

la connaissance au service du développement durable Climate and sustainable development

presented by rafedh hayouni

L’éducation et la formation permettent de former les citoyens et les futurs citoyens aux enjeux fondamentaux du développement durable, d’acquérir les savoir-faire et les savoir être indispensables pour s’adapter aux évolutions du monde et de la société. Les exigences du développement durable font partie intégrante du fonctionnement quotidien des établissements d’enseignement et de formation.... more

Beyond elections: 5 stories of citizen participation in a diverse megacity. (Pitch)

Redesigning representative democracy Public innovation

presented by Diego Cuesy Edgar & Bernardo Rivera Muñozcano

Mexico City is a thriving progressive megacity of 20 million, ancient in time but just 18 years old as a democracy. After the massive destruction caused by the earthquake of 1985 and the ineffective response of the government, Federal District residents, led by social leaders and nascent civil society organizations, called for democratization of the city. Back then, the President of Mexico him... more

Government to engage to Open Standards Contracting (Workshop)

Open Contracting Commitment- OGP Albania Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Besjana Hysa

The main purpose of Open Contracting commitment is making governments to engage in the use of Open Standards Contracting. This is a current trend of the efforts of states and transparency for stakeholders to access information on public contracts and the way they proceeded to their finalization. For this reason the Albanian Government may consider the principles of transparency and public ac... more

Data Alliances to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Kim Bettcher

Fifty two OGP governments and numerous civil society organizations have endorsed the Joint Declaration on Open Government for the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This declaration calls for promoting open data and highlights the special importance of transparency, the rule of law, and accountable institutions in the pursuit of sustainable development. Open data ... more

Renforcer la gouvernance du développement durable dans le monde (Roundtable)

Le défi de la gouvernance vers une économie verte et équitable. Climate and sustainable development

presented by oussama hayouni

Élaborée dans un contexte mondial marqué par des crises économique et financière, par des enjeux environnementaux de plus en plus prégnants et par une exigence accrue de solidarité tant au niveau national qu’international, la stratégie de développement durable pose les bases d’un mode de développement durable organisé autour d’une économie verte et équitable. Les défis clés de cette nouvelle s... more

Open and Engaged Cities (Roundtable)

Open Government Innovation and Improved Service Delivery Open government for cities

presented by Brittany Giroux Lane

This session will focus on the implementation of subnational open government reforms and their impact on urban service delivery, drawing on examples from cities throughout the world, both part of the pioneer and the leader network of OGP subnational governments. This workshop will focus on urban services, such as mobility (public transport as well as walking, biking, etc.), urban resilience, wa... more

Un nouveau régime juridique et de nouvelles normes pour la durabilité des données ouvertes (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by sylvain MARTIN

Il n’existe pas de cadre juridique ou normatif suffisant pour répondre à l'exigence de fiabilité des données ouvertes : - les législations Informatiques et Libertés imposent bien des obligations juridiques destinées à assurer la fiabilité des données mais elles sont dédiées aux données personnelles qui sont quasiment en dehors du champ d’application de l’Open data ; - il existe une norme fran... more

Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in African Democracies through Access to Legal Information (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by DGRU

Conveners: Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU), University of Cape Town Open Democracy Advice Center (ODAC) Code for South Africa (Code4SA) Chair/Moderator: Assoc Prof Richard Calland Discussant: Assoc Prof Richard Calland Panelists: Mukelani Dimba (ODAC), Greg Kempe (Code4SA), Oluwatoyin Badejogbin (DGRU) Chair/Discussant Richard Calland Professor of Consti... more

DOM Digital – Automating Municipal Works in Chile (Roundtable)

Directorates of Municipal Works Open government for cities

presented by ITSolutions S.A.

Introduction (15 minutes) • VIDEO Digital DOM showing the main features of the process and its benefits made by the Chile Government • General Presentation of the regulatory framework permits Building and Planning in Chile. (ppt) • Presentation of the main problems identified in the municipalities for building permits and urbanism (ppt) • Round Questions and Answers Presentation (30 minu... more

Empoderando la participación de las mujeres en la Agenda Legislativa de Género y en la promoción de políticas públicas con énfasis en la vida libre de violencia de los estados de Morelos y Guerrero, México (Workshop)

La participación de la Sociedad Civil en la implementación de la Alerta de Violencia de Genero en Morelos, México Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Julio Mendez Alvarez

La carencia de una agenda legislativa de género ha impedido un avance en la política de igualdad, así también la poca participación en el proceso legislativo (desconocimiento de herramientas para incidencia y seguimiento a la agenda legislativa). En México, se ha detectado un incremento de violencia feminicida recrudeciendo la violencia en estados al sur del país, para el caso de Morelos desde ... more

Improving Open Government Policies’ Implementation through Monitoring & Evaluation (Roundtable)

Measuring and assessing open government Implementation of open government

presented by Guillermo Cejudo

The implementation of successful policies greatly depends on reliable information with which decision makers can make the necessary adjustments for improving policies’ performance. However, producing information about the performance of open government’s policies is not a simple task. It entails a conceptual challenge since it requires to identify empirically observable attributes of such a br... more

Implementing open government at the subnational level (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Jaimie Boyd

Subnational governments play an important role in leading implementation of ambitious open government reforms. Collaboration between national, subnational, and local governments can also pose unique challenges with regard to standardization, collaborative decision-making, and human and financial resource limitations. In Canada, numerous governments are involved in the nation-wide implementatio... more

Faire du datajournalisme avec des données ouvertes et des outils gratuits (Workshop)

Access to information

presented by Maurice Thantan

Atelier de datajournalisme Speaker : Maurice Thantan

Designing and Delivering Open Government in Canada (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Jaimie Boyd

Canada’s Open Government Portal,, is the primary tool for delivering Open Government activities and services. This robust platform provides a unified and user-centric window into government consultations, government data and information, and support tools for users. It allows Canadians to actively engage and interact with Government. This workshop will explore the Canadian experi... more

HackDataBenin (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Maurice Thantan

Un hackathon autour des données ouvertes au Bénin

Holocratie et gestion holistique des biens communs (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Darna MEN

Proposition d'une logistique synergétique des ateliers de réflexions/actions holistiques, pour une politique commune plus juste et équitable.

Accountability through enhanced open government (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jaimie Boyd

Many governments are seeking to enhance accountability through open government initiatives. From releasing and visualizing financial information to delivering robust and dynamic consultations, open government initiatives allow citizens to better access government information and improve insight the daily operations of government business. The panel will showcase specific approaches to enhancin... more

Dialogue on Fiscal Governance and Access to International Capital Markets (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Vivek Ramkumar

Despite research demonstrating a connection between improved budget transparency and increased market access on more favorable conditions for the borrower, emerging markets levels of transparency are generally low and the rate of improvement is slow. In many of these countries, technical capacity is not the only factor behind low levels of budget transparency and the slow pace of improvements. ... more

Measuring Open Government: the WJP Open Government Index 2017 (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by Alejandro Ponce

An open government – conventionally understood as a government that is transparent, accessible, responsive, and participatory – is a necessary component of a system of government founded on the rule of law. As governments around the world take steps to become more open, it is critical to enhance efforts to measure and evaluate how countries provide government data to their citizens, encourage c... more

Le Parlement 2.0 (Pitch)

Suivre l'activité parlementaire en Afrique de l'Ouest Open parliament

presented by Maurice Thantan

Parlement 2.0 est une initiative née à Paris en février 2016 lors du [#HackFrancophonie](, un hackathon autour des données ouvertes co-organisée par [Etalab](, [Open Data Burkina Faso](, la [Banque mondiale]( more

Experiencias de co-creación de planes de acción en Estados Subnacionales (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Rosario Pavese

Hacia diciembre de 2016, 15 ciudades habrán co-creado su Primer Plan de Acción en el marco del Programa Piloto de Entidades Subnacionales de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto (OGP), habiendo afrontado y sorteado distintos obstáculos y dificultades. Resulta necesario y enriquecedor compartir las experiencias, fomentando de esta manera el aprendizaje entre pares. La importancia de este encuentr... more

Opening subnational Parliaments in Mexico (Pitch)

Open parliament

presented by Guillermo Ávila

It seems that the ‘Open Parliament’ trend took a while to permeate through the subnational legislative branch in Mexico. But 2016 is setting the tone for more legislative institutions, representatives and civil society organizations to realize the importance of parliamentary openness for strengthen our democracies both at the national and subnational level. The top-down approach tells us tha... more

Internationalizing local and open governments to effective partnerships for a better world (Roundtable)

Sharing good practices internationally. Public innovation

presented by Ingrid Orozco

The roundtable will have the objective of analysing the challenges and share experiences into the national and international levels about how the internationalization of local and open governments could help to exchange good practices and maybe contribute to resolve problems in others. This will be a discussion about what has worked for ones and maybe to create inspiration about successful case... more

A (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by SofiaRua


The Governance Data Alliance (Pitch)

Modernizing the Market for Governance Data Open data and Open resources

presented by Preston Whitt

In this short pitch, we will tell the story of the GDA's launch and initial challenges and successes achieving our mission: Numerous organizations collect and analyze data on the different dimensions of governance — ranging from corruption perceptions to fiscal transparency to business regulation and freedom of the press — to help shape policy reforms and ultimately improve economic, human, ... more

A Call to Open Transportation Data (Roundtable)

Open the doors to public transit data! Open data and Open resources

presented by OpenDataSoft

The subjects that will be discussed during this round table include: - What types of data should be opened in a comprehensive transportation Open Data initiative; - What tools should accompany these open datasets; - Why these data are of high interest to all audiences regardless of technical level. A potential technical infrastructure to support such initiatives should be able to proces... more

Lessons and Trends from the “Transparency for Development” Project (Workshop)

Social Accountability for Maternal and Neonatal Health Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Preston Whitt

This year’s Global Summit will focus on building new alliances between governments and civil society in order to make government activities and public services more collaborative and efficient by deepening public participation. One of the public service areas most in need of improvement is maternal and neonatal health (MNH). Recent decades have seen expansions in health services, but reductions... more

Une culture collaborative territoriale pour le développement des communs (Workshop)

Public innovation

presented by JOLY Cécile

Cet atelier fait suite à une série de formations dédiées, d'événements, journées, colloques, séminaires de co-conception, hackathon organisés par le CNFPT (Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale) pour développer les compétences des fonctionnaires territoriaux en matière d'innovation publique collaborative, et accompagner les grandes mutations des collectivités locales. Par des d... more

The role of Parliaments & Civil Society in Transparent and Accountable Management of Resources (Roundtable)

Examples from Tunisia, Moldova and Cabo Verde Open parliament

presented by Agata Walczak

The panel will present experiences and commitments in Moldova, Ukraine, Cabo Verde, Chile and Tunisia from the perspective of Ministries of Finance, MPs and CSOs. The panel will be moderated by Juan Pablo Guerrero, Network Director of the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency. **1. Ukraine** The OGP action plan of Ukraine has implemented its commitment 22 on pilot initiatives to pr... more

Approaches to innovation in tackling Corruption (Roundtable)

How do we ensure the very best thinking on tackling corruption is shared and utilised. Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by UK Government (Cabinet Office)

Key questions for the session to address: 1. How do we find the best thinking from across sectors with taking a ‘solutionist’ approach? 2. What are common characteristics of corrupt practice which may benefit for a multi-sectoral approach? 3. How does civil society, government and business work more effectively together? 4. How can we best leverage the OGP to support this ag... more

Evaluating Legislative Openness (Roundtable)

Open parliament

presented by George Topouria

To expose the audience to a range of good practice examples, the core component of this session would be brief presentations from civil society representatives from different countries that have conducted parliamentary openness assessments. Each speaker would tell the story of how their organization developed a unique assessment methodology and how that methodology has supported their work in a... more

Justicia Abierta (Roundtable)

Gobierno Abierto en los Poderes Judiciales Open government for cities

presented by ines

Existe una propensión creciente a nivel mundial que tiende a la consolidación de la “apertura” de los Poderes Judiciales. Como consecuencia de dicha tendencia es que se propone una mesa de debate en la cual participen Funcionarios Públicos, Jueces y Magistrados de los Poderes Judiciales de los Estados, Representantes de los Consejos de la Magistratura, representantes de la Sociedad Civil, exp... more

Tunisie : vers une stratégie de développement économique et social territorial mobilisant les ressources de la société civile ? (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Hervé Paris

Depuis la révolution de Jasmin en Tunisie, en 2011, le pays est confronté à de nombreux défis. Les disparités régionales, la lutte contre la pauvreté et la réussite de la décentralisation sont parmi les plus importants. Dans ce contexte, le projet "Cartographie Citoyenne en Tunisie" ([]( propose une contribution consistant à promouvoir une expertise citoyenne ... more

Talk "Les juridictions financières et les approches ouvertes" (Pitch)

presented by Mohammed Adnène TROJETTE

Talk au Palais d'Iéna sur les démarches de la Cour en faveur de l'Open data et de l'Open Government, à savoir : a) ouverture de données publiques ; b) engagement n°5 du plan d'action national de la France ; c) Data Session de fin mai ; d) séminaire Aisccuf d'octobre ; e) Journées européennes du patrimoine, etc.

Réunions du comité directeur du PGO (Workshop)

presented by Mohammed Adnène TROJETTE

La Cour des comptes se propose d'accueillir en grand'chambre, sous l'égide de l'article 15 de la Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen, les réunions du comité directeur du PGO. Le point d'entrée à la Cour des comptes est la Direction des relations internationales.

Data and technology: effective ways for fighting corruption (Workshop)

Anti-corruption open data principles in practice Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Carlos Iglesias

Transparency International and the Web Foundation are conducting a global study assessing the progress of select G20 countries in translating the open data anti-corruption principles into national policies. The six Principles (built on the [International Open Data Charter’s]( aim at **opening data by default** in a **timely and comprehensive way** for it ... more

DataCamp (Workshop)

Event associate with OGP conference with support OGP unit. Open data and Open resources

presented by Yamila Garcia

**Datacamp** The DataCamp is a Data Workshop to introduce newcomers to the world of Open Data and Data Journalism: data analysis, visualization and reporting. It is a hands on space for experimentation and learning. It includes inspirational talks about good practices and awesome data journalism examples, and workshops where participants learn how to find, extract and analyze public data t... more

Putting 'Access' Back into Open and Accessible (Roundtable)

How 'open' is Open Data really? Open data and Open resources

presented by OpenDataSoft

Panelists will address two main subjects during this roundtable: - Establish best practices to make Open Data more accessible to all in order to grow the community in size and have a more diverse body of users; - Give clear vision on how to apply [Principle 3 of the International Open Data Charter]( concerning accessibility. The panel will be modera... more

L'intelligence collective à 5 ans, ça donne quoi ? #OpenRoadMap (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Charlotte-Amélie Veaux

Pour construire cette vision, nous proposons un atelier comme suit : _1. 20 minutes. RETEX :_ bluenove présente son Retour d’Expérience sur ses différentes expertises et l’outil Assembl (animation de communautés, boucles online-offline, débat en grands nombres, animation d’atelier de créativité), et des retours sur des missions menées dans le public et/ou des débats de grands nombres. Plusie... more

Prolonger l'Alliance pour l'Innovation Ouverte : quel rôle pour l'Etat dans le développement des relations entre Grands Groupes et Start-up dans 5 ans ? (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by Charlotte-Amélie Veaux

L’Alliance pour l’Innovation Ouverte est un cadre ouvert, soutenu par le Secrétariat d’Etat au Numérique, qui a pour objectif de promouvoir l’innovation ouverte auprès des entreprises en fédérant une communauté d’entreprises et de partenaires autour de valeurs partagées et d’une relation de confiance équilibrée entre grandes entreprises, ETI et Start-ups. Son objectif est de s’appuyer sur les s... more

Le Gouvernement Ouvert, quand la jeunesse s'engage et prend part au débat démocratique (Workshop)

Regional focus and Francophonie

presented by Walissa Ho

Jeunesse Outre Mer, interlocuteur jeunesse des institutions et médias d’Outre-Mer développe de multiples projets prenant en compte les préoccupations des jeunes ultramarins et leurs amis. Nous souhaitons prendre part à ce sommet mondial pour donner l’opportunité à la jeunesse ultramarine et ses amis d’intervenir et de soumettre des propositions concrètes, relative à une vision de terrain notamm... more

Rational and political models in implementation of open government. (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Kaarel Haav

While many political actors prefer the political models, then other partners like academics use the rational model and make logical and argumented proposals. The governmental part can use the political argumentation and push these rational proposals aside. They argue that academics represent but themselves and their institutions. The academics may use scientific argumentation, theories and emp... more

Open Data: If you build it, will they come…? (Roundtable)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Andrew Young

**Abstract** Increased amounts of time, resources, and effort have been invested in making government data accessible in a readable, shareable, freely-available format, all with the broad goal of improving people’s lives. Over 65 countries have committed to the transparency tenets of the Open Government Partnership and are opening up millions of high value government datasets collected in th... more

Promoting Open Parliament through Partnership: Innovative approaches (Roundtable)

OGP and Open Oversight Open parliament

presented by Zukiswa Kota

This Roundtable will focus on key accountability interventions undertaken by organisations working within the Open Government Partnership (OGP) framework in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Mexico. The separation of powers between the Executive, the Judiciary and legislature is a necessary condition for any democratic government. In addition to playing critical roles towards the effective im... more

From Open Governments to Open States? Judicial opening and the OGP. (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Coordinación de Consecucion de Recursos

Less than 2% of the OGPs commitment corresponds to judicial opening. Still, in recent years the Partnership has inspired significant advances in the field, making some judicial institutions commit themselves to make progress in transparency, accountability and technological innovation to facilitate citizen participation. The Costa Rica´s Supreme Court initiative to present an Open Judiciary ... more

Let’s talk about Openness in Open Government (Roundtable)

myths, misconceptions and moral judgements Open data and Open resources

presented by Pablo Sarrias - Open Seneca CEO

While many IT executives working in the private sector choose proprietary software over open technology, open technology is seen by many as the answer to open government. At the same time open source is becoming increasingly popular with governments as they look for new methods to reduce spending and increase efficiency in their interaction with citizens. In fact it could be difficult to resi... more

Data Hunt for Education (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Léa DOUHARD

Cet atelier regroupera différentes parties prenantes du secteur éducatif au sens large : enseignants, étudiants, chercheurs, entrepreneurs, éditeurs, inspecteurs, VP numérique d'université... Au début de l'atelier un rapide état des lieux sera fait par Etalab sur les jeux de données ouverts existants ainsi qu'un rapide et non exhaustif benchmark des bonnes pratiques à travers le monde. A la fin... more

Nouvelles formes de consultations publiques : la prise en compte de la voix des usagers dans les politiques de santé (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by IPDS

La loi du 4 mars 2002, dite loi « Kouchner », a consacré la démocratie sanitaire, un processus permettant une plus grande implication des patients dans les décisions qui les concernent. Elle reconnaît des droits aux patients, à titre individuel, et des compétences nouvelles, à titre collectif, aux associations d’usagers de la santé. Depuis près de 15 ans, le concept se développe et de plus en p... more

Atelier autour des contours des circonscriptions législatives (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by romain tales

Le ministère de l'intérieur a depuis plusieurs années mis en open data de nombreuses données autour des élections. Plus récemment le ministère de l'intérieur a publier les résultats des élections au niveau des bureaux de vote ce qui représente une belle avancée. Toutefois, la mise à disposition des données à l'échelle des bureaux de votes représente un intérêt que si les données relatives au... more

Civic Tech & the Megalopolis (Pitch)

Developing solutions through technology Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Daniel Tello

Due to its population density and the complexity of its government, Mexico City is one of the most convoluted cities in the world. As a general overview, the city’s government is integrated by 22 government secretaries, 11 deconcentrated offices, 4 autonomous institutions and 16 boroughs; serving a population of 22 million people. Nevertheless, this public administration is not running at its f... more

BPDigital l´expérience chilienne de la première Bibliothèque numérique publique d’Amérique latine. (Pitch)

Digital and development

presented by Salvador Young

En 2013, lors de plusieurs essais, DIBAM met en marche la première bibliothèque numérique d’Amérique Latine accessible à tous les citoyens et résidents du Chili. Pour y accéder, il suffit d’avoir un numéro de carte d´identité chilienne. Il s´agit d´une plateforme qui contient actuellement plus de 13.000 archives en format Mp3, Mp4, epub, pdf (livres, audio-livres, video-livres). Pour accéder ... more

The Value of Open Data (Roundtable)

How open data creates value for both government and business Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Helen McNally

In the UK alone, 2015 research from the ODI shows that open data-driven companies had a combined [annual turnover of over £92bn and were employing over 500,000 people]( We estimate that over 1m companies and charities provide products and services to government in (190k in UK alone). Despite this, government supply cha... more

Innovative Solutions to Address Mobility Challenges in Complex Urban Scenarios (Workshop)

Using creativity and technology to improve semi-formal transportation systems around the world Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Daniel Tello

[Mapatón CDMX]( - Daniel Tello ([LabCDMX-CTO]( / **Moderator**) & Cristian Guerrero ([Krieger-CEO]( Mexico City’s concessioned minibuses is the biggest public transport with around 30,000 units that moves 14 million people every day. (tw... more

Open Data and the Promise of Local Transparency (Pitch)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Laura Lindamood

According to a recent study, in 2014, local government officials in Ukraine were less open than in 2013 about their activities and in their daily interaction with citizens. Opening up access to budgets and public procurement processes at the municipal level would be a great way of tackling this problem. However, much of the information is only available in hardcopy, making it difficult to acces... more

Open Opps (Pitch)

An introduction to a new open data company Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Helen McNally

This 10 minute pitch from Ian Makgill, founder and MD of Open Opps will introduce the service and explain why it is good for open government. Open Opps benefits open government in three key ways: * Repository of open contract data * Opening public procurement * Support for anti-corruption work The public sector market is worth $9.5 trillion a year. This is 15% of global GDP, a huge o... more

Opening Minds in a Transitioning Parliament (Workshop)

Macedonian Parliamentary Institute (Case Study) Open parliament

presented by Robert Scott Heaslet

The dynamic, interactive workshop will consist of three parts: an introduction (15 minutes), guided tours through five open parliament innovations (50 minutes) and a discussion on future openness strategies (15 minutes). The introduction will include a short presentation on Parliament’s move towards greater openness and a film, “The Parliamentary Institute,” featuring the [three vice-preside... more

The role of education in open government - the need of establishing the OGP Education Unit (Roundtable)

Establishing OGP Education Unit Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Fidan

The most important global initiative that has seen significant growth and impact in improvement, enhancement and strengthen global good governance is Open Government Partnership – OGP. In just four years since OGP has launched, its membership has grown from 8 to 64 countries, with hundreds of civil society organizations participating in the OGP process at the country-level. OGP countries repres... more

Joined-Up Data Standards: moving from principles to practice (Workshop)

The objective of this event is to start a discussion between stakeholders on what technical and policy solutions to the interoperability challenge could look like. Digital and development

presented by Joined-Up Data Standards

This event is a workshop that will be structured around four questions: • How do interoperability challenges materialise at the national level? Are there any challenges that developing countries face in particular? What do feasible solutions look like? • What role could the OGP and member-state NAP’s play in moving from recognition of the need to overcome interoperability challenges to im... more

Justice et démocratie (Roundtable)

L'incidence du fonctionnement de la justice sur la démocratie Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Corinne Morel

Quand la justice dysfonctionne non seulement la démocratie est mise à mal mais la société devient plus violente. L'association Au nom du peuple qui a lancé une grande consultation nationale sur la justice, auprès des usagers de la justice, apportera son expertise de la situation française. En France, la variabilité des décisions de justice, qui ne cesse de croître, est un indicateur probant d... more

Open elections: strengthen campaigns financial transparency (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique

Potential participants: - Representative of the Center for Responsive Politics (United States) - Representative of the UK Electoral Commission - Representative of the association Global Integrity (United States) - Representative of the Norwegian Ministry of local government and modernization

Atelier Portail Portalis (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by Alexandre AIDARA


Pokémon Gov: a killer app for democracy? (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Mathilde Bras

Since the AR Pokémon Go game was released early July, thoughts arose about the game's potential to make people visit places and develop interactions with institutions they would not have come to instinctively: city halls, national parks, museums, civic centers, etc.. Several thought leaders suggested Poketstops be placed around polling stations during national elections: [Pokémaniacs' duty to t... more

Online consultations on draft bills : sharing experiences and knowledge (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Romain Badouard

The roundtable will be organized around 5 speakers and one moderator. Each speaker will have 3 minutes to present his case study by emphasizing on a specific issue / success he met during the consultation. Then the moderator will ask three general questions related to the management and monitoring of online consultations to the participants, who will have two minutes to answer. Finaly the f... more

Open Government and Disruptive Technologies (Roundtable)

Blockchain , digital identity, opening property records as civic tech Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Fabro Steibel

Although the principles of open government - transparency , participation, and collaboration - remain constant, the ways to advance always continue to evolve. Blockchain for example is a technology that is by design open, decentralized, accountable and participative. These are principles highly related to OGP values. Blockchain can be used as civic tools as much as for digital currencies... more

Co-construction du Plan d'action national 2017-2019 (Workshop)

Quels nouveaux engagements ? Comment les mettre en oeuvre, mieux mesurer leur avancement ? Implementation of open government

presented by Mathilde Bras

La France a rejoint le Partenariat pour un gouvernement ouvert en avril 2014. En juillet 2015, elle publiait son premier Plan d'action national "[pour une action publique transparente et collaborative](" pour la période 2015-2017. Comprenant 26 engagements, ce Plan d'act... more

Open Government Initiative: Transparency, Accountability and Public Participation in Post Conflict and Fragile States the Case for Somalia (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Dean Mohamed

Accountability, transparency and the fight against corruption have been high on the policy agenda in Somalia. The Open Government Initiative (OGI) has at its aim at addressing this through granting unprecedented levels of transparency in government operations in both scope and reach; generating the conditions for deep accountability and enhanced citizen engagement and participation to take root... more

Local Wisdom – Based Forest Conservation with integration to Indonesian Formal Law (A Comparison of Approaches and implementative a Local Perspective) (Workshop)

Local Wisdom and Reforestation Climate and sustainable development

presented by Isodorus Kopong Udak

Fact that recent day, degradation of forest in Indonesia is very high, for example, the rate of forest degradation in Borneo 4 times, 5 times in Papua, while East Nusa Tenggara up to 6 times. The temperature is getting higher every year, (, June 15, 2016). Then people in this country in general, and particularly in East Nusa Tenggara have to be faced with a large number of laws... more

National Action Plans: consultation > co-creation > co-implementation (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Angela Benga

Moderator: Radu Puchiu, Secretary of State, Chancellery of the Prime-Minister, Government of Romania. Panel 1. Sandra Pernar, Advisor in the Government’s Office, Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Croatia (TBC) 2. Ovidiu Voicu, Director, Center for Public Innovation, Romania 3. Ollie Buckley, Deputy Director at Lead Transparency & Open Data Team, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom (TBC) 4. H... more

Practitioner-to-practitioner learning: sharing successes and obstacles to open government data (Roundtable)

Public innovation

presented by Effective Institutions Platform

Effective and sustainable development solutions emerge when those actually supporting development in a given country discover new ideas and adapt them to their context, a key lesson from many partnerships for development today.  Peer-to-peer learning alliances are meant to stimulate country-driven and contextually adapted approaches to public sector reform. They provide a venue for experie... more

Arab Citizens of Israel - A New Civil Agenda? (Roundtable)

Promoting principles of democracy, public participation and transparency in both local and central governance Implementation of open government

presented by Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi

Proposed Format - 1. Presentations: 5-8 participants from different countries (coordinated by OGP) present brief talks on issues of democracy, public participation and transparency in local and central governance. Moderator (chosen by OGP) facilitates discussion. 2. Open Discussion: Participants respond to presentations with the aim of finding a common denominator and learning from similar ex... more

Black Sash’s Community Based Monitoring Model (Roundtable)

Encouraging Transparency and Accountability from the Government Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by colleenryan

Black Sash would like to present our Community Based Monitoring model in the form of an introductory presentation and in-depth round table discussion. The presentation will explain Black Sash’s latests Community Based Monitoring project and hold a discussion about the model used. The powerpoint and discussion will be led by Colleen Ryan, Black Sash Cape Town Regional Manager. The Community Base... more

Raising Up Friendship (Roundtable)

Parenting Program Access to information

presented by raisingup friendship

Rising Up Friendship is a program that promotes positive parenting. We believe that if we want the healthy society we have to invest in parenting. Hence Rising up friendship promoting parenting for the welfare of the children, their rights, responsibilities and their visibility to the society. In raising up friendship the welfare of the child prevail all. The program advocate, link, educate, a... more

Next Steps with Open Government in Liberia (Roundtable)

The Challenges and Opportunities for the OGP in West Africa Implementation of open government

presented by Francis Lansana

The session will be moderated by myself- Francis Lansana- and will include the lead on the OGP for the Government of Liberia, Min. Tehmeh and other government and civil society actors from West Africa (Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana if feasible) with an audience of those interested in the challenges and progress with the OGP in West Africa. The session will be interactive, staying away from po... more

How to Name and Fame for Open Governance (Pitch)

Integrity Idol and the OGP in Liberia Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Lawrence Yealue

This will be a pitch by myself, with some photos as background to illustrate points. It will be short, sharp and engaging.

What Works Cities International: Improving Outcomes for Residents Across the Globe (Roundtable)

Open government for cities

presented by Eric Reese

### Abstract Through the What Works Cities program, the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University (GovEx) has worked with over 40 cities in the US on open government projects. These projects focus on expanding the use of data within governments, building partnerships with community organizations to promote transparency and use of government data, and connecting city leader... more

What Works Cities - Expanding the Capacity of Open Government for Cities (Pitch)

Open government for cities

presented by Eric Reese

The [What Works Cities initiative]( is designed to accelerate the use of data and evidence in city governments to drive better decision-making and improve outcomes for residents. A large piece of improving outcome-focused data use is the promotion of open data and community engagement. What Works partners at the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hop... more

Simulation on understanding politics to open government (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by dhymowit

The session would run in three parts: an introduction, the simulation, and facilitated discussion. The brief introduction would be led by the AGI facilitator who will explain the context for the session and the guidelines for how the simulation will run. The simulation itself will run for just under an hour and is the centerpiece of this session. Participants will be divided into groups o... more

Le gouvernement ouvert dans un contexte de menace terroriste (Roundtable)

Open and safe? Implementation of open government

presented by Boris

On associe volontiers la protection et la fermeture, d'un côté et, de l'autre, l'ouverture et le manque de contrôle, donc de fermeté. Dans le contexte sécuritaire d'aujourd'hui, ces rapprochements semblent pertinents. Théoriquement, quels sont les liens entre ces concepts ? En pratique, la lutte contre le terrorisme et/ou la protection des populations contre les actes terroristes sont-elles... more

The Role of open government in a context of post-conflict: Activating collective intelligence in La Palma’s case (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Iván Buelvas

Somos Más' organization goal is to help society move from an individual to a collective thinking by generating new forms of communication, new ways to establish relationships, and new strategies to empower citizens. We activate collective intelligence because we believe there are challenges that can only be solved with others. We accomplished this goal through five strategic priorities: Mapping... more

Sustainable Cities and Local Governments: Crowdsourcing Green Public Procurement Policies from City Residents (Pitch)

Shaping Sustainable Cities through City Residents Open government for cities

presented by AAJ

Quezon City or simply QC (in Metro Manila, Philippines) is pretty much like any other bustling metropolis in the developing world, characterized by a thriving urban life and consequently facing the usual environmental and sustainability difficulties seen in booming cities. As the largest city in the Philippines' capital region, QC is home to the most economically rich commercial districts and i... more

Public Innovation in Latin America: a pragmatic approach to open government (Workshop)

Public innovation

presented by Carolina Pozo

Implementing public innovation strategies in government poses various challenges and offers great opportunities. Under a participatory, transparent and collaborative framework, local and national governments are experimenting with various online and offline mechanisms. These tools have effectively taken advantage of collective intelligence and citizen activism to co-create solutions to be imple... more

Lobbying Regulation (Workshop)

Opening Access to Decision Making Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jorge Sahd K.

The tittle suggested for the workshop is "Lobbying Regulation: Opening Access to Decision- Making". The speakers will be Rodrigo Mora, Chief of Division, Citizen's Defense Unit and Transparency, Ministry of the Presidency, Chile; Cristián Valenzuela, author of OGP case study "Lobbying Regulation in Chile: Opening Access to Decision-Making"; Helen Turek, program officer at OGP; Jorge Sahd, Direc... more

Intelligence colective activée pour un gouvernement ouvert (Workshop)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Laura Guerrero

Somos Más est une Organisation colombienne qui depuis plus de 10 ans travaille pour générer valeur sociale avec les communautés dans différents écosystèmes, à partir de son expérience en articulation, participation, visibilisation et dynamisation d’initiatives. En 2013 et avec l’inclusion de Colombie dans l’Alliance pour le Gouvernement Ouvert, la Corporación Somos Más a trouvé dans cet écosyst... more

From Disenfranchised Youth to Active Citizens (Pitch)

How 30 Young Women Engineers Started a Civic Tech Movement Around Combatting Sexual Harassment Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Georges Labrèche

Half of Kosovo's population is under 25 (KAS, 2011) and those between 18-25 years of age have limited space and opportunities for engagement or development, leaving them in the margins of societal structures with inactivity rates increasing from 24% to 62% from the age of 18 to 25 (World Bank, 2014). Unfortunately, the majority of Kosovo's youth are neither employed nor in education or training... more

Open Government at the Subnational level: How to improve people's quality of life (Roundtable)

Open Government at the Subnational level: How to improve people's quality of life Implementation of open government

presented by Francisco R. Álvarez Córdoba

The session, not only allows the diffusion of good practices related to the topics visible at the subnational sphere, but it also contributes to the socializing of knowledge acquired globally during the first years of experience. The underpinning of a solid perspective adds to the construction of a methodology of intervention that could be followed by other OGP members. The panel considers ... more

A local perspective of open government (Pitch)

Implementation of open government at local leven in Mexico Implementation of open government

presented by Jesús Homero Flores Mier

Share the experience of the implementation of open government at local level in Mexico. In conjunction with the Instituto de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales (INAI), we implement open government exercises at the local level, further our transparency legislation includes a chapter on open government. Our excercise is the first case in Mexico where imple... more

Dialogue for the Construction of a Subnational Open Government Agenda (Workshop)

Dialogue for the Construction of a Subnational Open Government Agenda Implementation of open government

presented by Ricardo A. Valencia

The workshop will be the direct result of and the continuation to the Buenos Aires meeting. It will have the participation of experts and specialists on open government in cities, mechanisms of social impact, open government assessments, formation and development of institutional capabilities based upon the access to information and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Based on... more

Buenos Aires Ciudad Abierta (Pitch)

potenciando la apertura a nivel subnacional Implementation of open government

presented by Rosario Pavese

Es común la realización de paneles acerca de las iniciativas de gobierno abierto lanzadas por los poderes ejecutivos o de la apertura del poder legislativo o judicial, y su inclusión dentro de la agenda macro de gobierno abierto. Sin embargo, no se está dando una discusión clave: cómo articular estratégicamente a los tres poderes del estado en pos de generar una apertura sistémica. Las últimas... more

Culture Lab (Pitch)

A Co Creation tool for Implementing Open Government Culture. Implementation of open government

presented by Cultura 52

This is a 15-minute pitch in which the speakers will introduce the co creation tool: Culture Lab, and how it can be used to inspire and drive the implementation of the Open Government Values: Transparency, Participation and Collaboration, though observable and measurable actions. 1. What is Culture Lab? 2. The actions behind our values. 3. Co Creating inspiration and actions. 4. Driving ... more

Open Data for Anti-Corruption (Workshop)

International Open Data Charter - from principles to practice Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Tim Davies

The session will start with short 5 minute presentations: - The international Open Data Charter - Charter Lead Steward (tbc) - Developing the Sector Packages - Tim Davies, project consultant - Open Data for Anti-Corruption - Rafa Garcia Aceves, Transparencia Mexicana - Implementation pilots - Ania Calderon, Government of Mexico These will be followed by a facilitated workshop in self-s... more

Workshop on Open Data for Sustainable Development through Design Thinking (Workshop)

Use of Open Data for Sustainable Development Climate and sustainable development

presented by David Zamora

The workshop will follow this outline **Preparation**: Workshop presentation (5 min) -Workshop’s goal and methodology presentation -Background presentation on open data, SDGs, and design thinking / Groups formation (10 min) -Selection of specific SDGs through post its -Group gathering **Emphasize**: Problem selection (5 min) -Main problem identification within selected SGD / ... more

Réunion du comité directeur au Palais Cambon (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Cour des comptes

Accueillir la réunion des 22 ministres du comité directeur en Grand’chambre de la Cour des comptes, sous l’Article 15 de la DDHC.

Connecting Citizens to Government (Workshop)

A Platform for Civic Engagement. Open parliament

presented by VoteIT

Speaker: Mr. Kunle Somoye (Founder Voteit) Moderator: OGP steering committee About: Voteit is a powerful medium for millions of Nigerians and thousands of CSOs to engage constructively with the arms of government. 1. Slide one - Tell a quick story of Nigeria's peculiarity and how the senate passed 46 bills in 10 minutes. 2. Slide two: Explain to audience at the summit Why they passed ... more

Open Contracting: Lessons from Mexico City (Roundtable)

Workshop Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by CDMX

Mexico City, as a local actor, has now implemented the OCDS for all five stages of the procurement process in the Secretary of Finance and is expanding this project to other City agencies. This action has made CDMX the first in the world to implement all phases of the OCDS. It has also developed a visualization portal through which all stakeholders, sophisticated or new to procurement, can un... more

Moving from transparency to accountability – stimulating use of more readily available and better data (Workshop)

Improving accountability in public procurement Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Claire Martin

The Workshop is designed to bring together different actors working in the field of public procurement and open data, to facilitate a constructive exchange of experiences and identification of potential areas of collective action. The Workshop will be divided into five parts: “Setting the Scene”: one / two speakers will set out the issue as well as explaining how the workshop will proceed. I... more


UN RÔLE INCONTOURNABLE DANS LA LUTTE CONTRE LA CORRUPTION Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Christian RIM

le projet initié par la CONATT à travers Christian RIM, appuyé par le RECODH entend, apporter de la lumière sur le rôle et la place de la société civile dans la lutte contre la corruption, depuis les années 90. Il s'agit dans une approche analytique et synthétique de démontrer à travers des indicateurs, comment la société civile a su prendre fait et cause contre la corruption. Cet engagement d... more

Incubation d'écosystèmes visant l'interopérabilité des Systèmes d'Information d'Etat. (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by Jérôme Ploquin

L'interopérabilité des Systèmes d'Information est un enjeu majeur pour les Etats. Y répondre passe par l'adoption de standards d'échange ouverts. Mais ce n'est pas suffisant. Les différences d'implémentation de ces standards, favorisés par l'apparition en continu de nouveaux usages, entravent l'Interopérabilité des Systèmes d'Information. Cherchant des voies d'amélioration, l'Etat Français... more

Making Public Procurement Portals More Transparent and Sustainable (Roundtable)

Factors of Success and Failure for Public Procurement Portals Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Aram Khaghaghordyan

On paper Open Government Data (OGD) is a philosophy - and increasingly a set of policies - that promotes transparency, accountability and value creation by making government data available to all. However, OGD is worth only as much as actors can make use of it. Moreover, evidence of impact and sustainability of open data portals publishing and promoting open government data is largely missing... more

Développer l'e-citoyenneté dans la co-construction du territoire (Workshop)

Participer à l'évolution de son quartier grâce à la Civic Tech Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Maxime DELACHAVONNERY

Nous avons développé une application gratuite [CityZenMap](, en version fablab, dont l’objectif est de démocratiser l'action publique à travers les projets d'aménagement du territoire et de faciliter le dialogue collectivités/citoyens. CityZenMap a remporté le prix [Dataconnexions]( 2016 dans la catég... more

Privacy in Data Revolution: The balance between civil right and the value of government data (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Cheng-yun Chang

While the benefits of open data and big data have been recognized globally, the balance between the value of data and the privacy of citizen is still a major challenge. In some countries or regions, more and more valuable services are causing arguments or suspended due to the disputation or lawsuit between government and civil groups. In this session we try to share the experiences for how to h... more

Civic Engagement in Open Data (Pitch)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Cheng-yun Chang

This pitch will explain the development of promoting civic participation in Taiwan’s open data, including the establishment of the mechanism for consultation on government open data, the policy inviting experts in private sector to jointly discuss promotion of open data, the successful practice between public and private sectors to produce advanced terms of use for open data, and the mechanism ... more

Cristal S, l'hyperlocal facteur de la divergence et du développement des cultures locales (Roundtable)

Regional focus and Francophonie

presented by ric paw

Faire émerger du public les cultures de chacun, les valoriser, les mettre en oeuvre pour la meilleure compréhension de tous, différents, aux intérêts divergents mais unis sur des projets communs

Cristal S et e-Compendium, informer pour former et acccompagner au changement (Roundtable)

Access to information

presented by ric paw

Visualisation, simulation, interactivité, serious game, certification des informations et des explications, labellisation, ... Que nous dit notre "réel", nos "imaginaires", nos "croyances" Se former c'est changer, les mondes créent les changements

Cristal S, l'infrastructure et L'hyperlocalité (Roundtable)

L'hyperlocalité dessine les structures de l'open gouvernement par ses infrastructuress Digital and development

presented by ric paw

Démontré la faisabilité des ces solutions en open hardware et open source avec des open data. Présentation classique

Cristal S, approfondir la charte éthique (inno cube, open démocratie, ...) (Workshop)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by ric paw

Faire des commissions puis en faire la synthèse.

Cristal S et SDGAC, comment créer de nouveaux modes de financement (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by ric paw

Il s'agit de montrer que l'on peut lutter contre les corruptions sans porter atteintes aux traditions, De voir quels sont les enjeux politiques et économiques de tels pratiques, De réfléchir et de définir des outils qui permettent de faire passer l'informel vers le formel, de libérer les populations de la précarité et de l'insécurité, de trouver des rôles et des emplois à ceux qui semblent e... more

Cristal S une systémique autour d'un référentiels du XXIème siècle (Workshop)

Simung Freud, Christophe Colomb de l'inconscient (Naccache), Colomb rebrousse chemin au lieu de continuer pour rentrer en espagne. Plate ou ronde nos comportements sont différents. Implementation of open government

presented by ric paw

La présentation se fait sous la forme d'une formation assisté d'outil numérique ou des smartphones des participants. La représentation Sous ce vocable, c'est aussi bien de savoir comment notre espace cognitif reconnait le monde et crée ses croyances que de savoir qui comprend l'autre et qu'en comprenons-nous pour être en mesure de représenter l'autre, les autres dans une fonction élective. ... more

Favoriser une dynamique état-société civile pour un PGO (Roundtable)

Implementation of open government

presented by Nnenna Nwakanma

Le PGO a adopté comme principe fondamental la collaboration entre des acteurs étatiques et des acteurs de la société civile pour une dynamique nationale. Toutefois, l'on constate une énorme disparité dans le sphère. Le panel interactif posera les questions aux panelistes aux fins de rechercher, comprendre et apprendre des erreurs, des politiques qui marchent et des pratiques à émuler. L’ac... more

La langue française dans l’ogp : expériences –état des lieux – perspectives (Roundtable)

Pour une meilleure visibilité de la francophonie au sein de l'ogp Regional focus and Francophonie

presented by abdelaziz abid

La session se composera d’une présentation relative au cas marocain et d’une présentation relative à l’état des lieux de la francophonie de manière globale En outre d’autres restitutions d’expériences seront sollicitées en provenance de gouvernements francophones (Etalab et Canada) d’association (Ex : république citoyenne) et du Secrétariat de l’ogp pour informer sur les perspectives internes ... more

Data Cooking Show (Workshop)

A Mashup of Journalists, Data Scientists, Researchers, Developers Open data and Open resources

presented by Winnie Kamau

The participants will be divided into groups with each group having balanced representation of all participants. Each participant is encouraged to come with their Laptop in order to have an interactive session using Data. This Show is meant to have you interact and have a glimpse of some of the challenges that Journalists go through when they are given Datasets and are expected to come up wi... more

Empowering communities to Follow The Money (Pitch)

Improving participation in the OGP Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by oludotun

As government are becoming open, and government spending data are increasing, how to make citizens especially those in rural communities to participate by using these information as become a challenge. Consequently [Follow The Money in Nigeria]( is using the citizens proactive vigilance approach in fostering participation by citizens and government. Follow the Mo... more

Our Civic Tech New Values (Workshop)

Nouvelles valeurs pour un gouvernement ouvert Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Janique Laudouar

You are involved in civic tech movement in France or in your country and want to know how citizens can participate to Open Gov? This workshop is for YOU! The objective of this 80 minutes **"New Values" "Nouvelles Valeurs"** workshop is to ask the citizens participation in order to identify a list of what they consider as major values for an Open Gov in 2016 and register your participation on di... more

Citizen Participatory Audit (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Gloria D. Jose

1. What is CPA? How it came about? objectives? 2. COA 101 - what is COA and its Organization 3. CSO 101 - What is CSO? as an Organization, what it can do and others 4. Citizen engagement 5. Conduct of audit 6. Phases of CPA 7. Reporting and monitoring

fighting slavery with open data (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Eric Schles

During this workshop I will be showing modern techniques in web scraping, data processing, natural language processing, image labeling, data visualization, and information retrivial. The current version of this work lives here:

Access to information: what’s next? (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Andressa

The idea is to discuss tools and initiatives that promote the use of data released by governments. There has been important progress towards government’s information transparency, both through proactive release of information and through official requests to public entities. The number of Transparency Laws enacted in the last two decades around the world and even the number of affiliated countr... more

Reusing Public Data to Build the Transparency and Accessibility of an Entire Population of Civil Society Organisations (Workshop)

Access to information

presented by Julia

Open government is a core element of the Irish Government’s programme of administrative reform. The Irish partners in the Benefacts project wish to workshop the experience of this project with other Open Government activists, in the wider international context of open government reform and innovation. Drawing on a model already used in the US, Belgium, Israel and elsewhere, Benefacts is a mu... more

Educathon, hackathon pour l'éducation (Workshop)

Open data and Open resources

presented by Maryse Le Bras

Partager des jeux de données liés à l'éducation en vue de créer des services nouveaux.

Convaincre les décideurs locaux de l'intérêt d'un gouvernement local ouvert (Pitch)

Open government for cities

presented by Jacques Priol

Présentation dynamique sous forme de thèmes précis, illustrés d'exemples concrets et d'anecdotes locales. Des exemples couronnés de succès mais aussi des obstacles, des difficultés, des renoncements... Autant d'essais / erreurs utiles à tous ! Jacques Priol - Président de Civiteo

ECODIT : Indice de qualité écologique de territoire (Pitch)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by Bellini Béatrice

Ecodit s'appuie sur plusieurs indicateurs concernant l'eau, l'air, le sol et la biodiversité afin de pouvoir donner une évaluation de la qualité écologique globale d'un territoire et de pouvoir valoriser économiquement les bonnes pratiques environnementales. L'indice s'appuie sur des données accessibles en Open data. Ses deux premières versions ont mis l'accent sur la difficulté d'avoir des don... more

Apertura Parlamentaria en la Ciudad de México. Buenas prácticas de participación y colaboración con la sociedad (Roundtable)

La experiencia de la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal Open parliament

presented by Angel Avila Ramirez

La propuesta muestra la apertura parlamentaria en la Ciudad de México en terminos de articular los componentes de la transparencia, acceso a la información, participación ciudadana y rendición de cuentas, en la colaboración y el trabajo compartido entre la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal y los diversos grupos sociales para la atención de problemáticas especificas locales. Para ello s... more

Alors comme ça vous voulez changer la démocratie ? (Roundtable)

Panorama des projets #civictech et #opengov en Occitanie et au-delà. Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Thomas Champion

La Civic Tech regroupe le champ des initiatives publiques, privées ou associatives cherchant à renforcer l’engagement citoyen, la participation démocratique et la transparence des gouvernements via les outils du numérique. **Venez découvrir les projets et les initiatives qui veulent faire bouger la démocratie!** ## Etat des lieux Maxime Forest, docteur en science politique et chercheur... more

Old Problems, New Approaches (Roundtable)

Increasing Open Government at the Subnational Level Open government for cities

presented by Rima Kawas

Across the globe, people are moving to urban centers in unprecedented numbers. This rapid growth is anticipated to continue to increase and by 2050 it is expected that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas and one-third will live in rural areas. It is imperative that national governments are prepared for this growth and recognize the importance of local governance to the... more

Créer des synergies entre Plan Développement et Numérique et PGO (Roundtable)

Digital and development

presented by David KIBLER

Promouvoir les écosystèmes africains en mettant en particulier en avant les pays francophones et les effets de « clusters » positifs créés par les incubateurs et écosystèmes. Cette promotion se ferait en partenariat avec les incubateurs français spécialisés dans le domaine des relations Nord / Sud, comme l’incubateur Bondynnov (incubateur localisé à Bondy et lié à l’IRD). L’objectif serait ... more

Table ronde sur la diversité des entreprises de la civiv tech (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by David KIBLER

Les éléments explicatifs conduisant à la proposition sont les suivants : L’agenda numérique est un des éléments constitutifs du PGO. Le numérique est à la fois un instrument de mise en œuvre mais est aussi constitutif des valeurs que le sommet cherche à mettre en avant. 1) Instrument, car l’accroissement des capacités d’analyse des données grâce aux « meta-données » (« Big Data ») perme... more

Carto-partie à l'Élysée (Workshop)

Digital and development

presented by OpenStreetMap France

La Maison Blanche vient d'organiser son premier "MissingMaps". Les événements "MissingMaps" ont pour but de créer des données cartographiques utiles à des ONG qui interviennent dans des zones du globe où les cartes sont anciennes, incomplètes voire souvent inexistantes. La Croix-Rouge et Médecins sans Frontières sont très souvent partenaires. Le mouvement a été lancé suite à la formidable... more

Tranparence, IATI et Open Data (Pitch)

La transparence au service de la redevabilité Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Delphine CONSTANT

La redevabilité au service de la coopération, des citoyens des parties prenantes

Exploiter des données ouvertes pour concevoir, suivre et évaluer projets et politiques publiques (Pitch)

Les données ouvertes au service de l'action, des politiques publiques Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Delphine CONSTANT

Avec l’avènement de l’Open Data, on assiste à un accroissement impressionnant de la diversité, de la quantité et de la qualité des informations librement accessibles. Cette tendance concerne aussi les pays d’interventions prioritaires de l’AFD, et notamment l’Afrique sub-saharienne. La division d’évaluation de l’AFD (EVA) appuie les équipes opérationnelles et les partenaires pour mieux exploite... more

Consultation numérique (Pitch)

Les outils numériques au service du dialogue avec les parties prenantes Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Delphine CONSTANT

Les outils numériques permettent d’organiser de larges consultations en ligne et de solliciter l’intelligence collective pour contribuer à la construction d’une réflexion ou d’une décision publique. En France, plusieurs consultations ont eu lieu ces dernières années : elles ont permis de choisir le nouveau nom d’une Région, de construire le budget participatif d’une ville ou d’écrire collective... more

Comment les principes de gouvernement ouvert peuvent faire évoluer les rapports entre les parties prenantes de la coopération au développement ? (Workshop)

Bailleurs et gouvernement ouvert Implementation of open government

presented by Delphine CONSTANT

L’utilisation des données pour améliorer les pratiques professionnelles ; Les actions de coopération pour aider les pays à mettre en place des réformes basées sur les principes de gouvernement ouvert ; se réformer (appui gouvernance). La transparence de l’aide publique au développement pour une meilleure redevabilité.

EVALUATHON - le salon de l'évaluation par les usagers de l'inclusion des services publics numériques notamment en situation de handicap (Workshop)

Venez contribuer à l'amélioration de vos services publics numériques en les testant Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Sylvie Billard

**Durant le salon public de 10h à 12h30**, chaque équipe projet volontaire d'un service publique numérique lauréat d'un des appels à projets gérés par le SGMAP tiendra un stand de présentation de son service et sera coaché par un expert en expérience utilisateur et en design. Les usagers utiliseront les services ou maquettes de services qui leur seront présentés. Les équipes projets et leur coa... more

Concertation et décision publique (Roundtable)

La concertation devient une condition nécessaire de la décision publique : quels principes et quelles condtions pour qu'elle facilite, renforce et améliore la décision publique ? Open government for cities

presented by André Jaunay

la concertation est-elle, pour la décision publique et les exécutifs en place, une contrainte ou une ressource ? entraîne-t-elle une transformation de la relation élu/administré ? quelles conditions suppose-t-elle pour réduire la défiance croissante ?

Concertation et métropoles (Roundtable)

La concertation, moyen de partage des processus de métropolisation par l'ensemble des parties prenantes (institutions, société civile, habitants) ? Open government for cities

presented by André Jaunay

Le phénomène de métropolisation, en développement, pose des questions nouvelles : comment concerter à une échelle aussi importante ? Comment favoriser l’appropriation de ces nouvelles entités métropolitaines par l’ensemble des acteurs concernés ? Comment associer les publics les plus éloignés des modes démocratiques classiques et les habitants des périphéries ? Comment articuler les concertatio... more

Un débat façon "DRENCHE" (Workshop)

Forgez VOTRE opinion avec la méthode du DRENCHE Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Florent Guignard

Cet atelier s'appuie sur une méthode développée par LE DRENCHE, en partenariat avec Kawaa. Elle vise à : - établir un contexte court, clair, factuel et concis - amener sur scène deux personnes légitimes sur un sujet ayant un avis opposé - les faire débattre par une méthode innovante permettant au public de se forger sa propre opinion. Pour rendre le tout accessible et agréable à regarder... more

Official Statisticians and Open Geo Data Civic Tech Communities at the Crossroads (Workshop)

Can statisticians and civic tech communities learn and collaborate together? Implementation of open government

presented by Javier Andres Carranza Torres

A six-month study undertaken by University College London staff et al in 2014 illustrates crowd sourcing geo open data experiences by identifying the use of volunteered geographic information (VGI ) done by governments in several countries. Findings showed that in those cases the initiation of VGI projects as an acceptable methodology. These visions validate the use made of wikis, social netwo... more

Civil Society Coalitions: Design, Coordination and Advocacy Strategies (Workshop)

How can these networks learn from each other? Implementation of open government

presented by Manuel Barros

The Open Government Partnership offers concepts and very general action frameworks for a large number of very different realities in the world. That is why the **coordination of civil society organizations -key to achieve real collaboration- is a very complex and diverse phenomenon**, with different experiences in different latitudes. These experiences have generated **interesting lessons wi... more

Opening Foreign Assistance: Stories of Demand and Impact (Roundtable)

The move from publishing data to harnessing data for impact Open data and Open resources

presented by

To encourage robust and balanced discussion, the team proposes a panel with a mix of government and civil society representatives from traditional aid donor and recipient countries. These diverse stakeholders can provide their unique perspectives and engage in a dialogue on needs related to data accessibility and the capacity to use aid data. The proposed representatives were identified from co... more

La société civile face à ses propres enjeux de gouvernance (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Cap Collectif

Une organisation syndicale (invitation en cours) Le Président de l'Association des Paralysés de France ou son représentant (invitation en cours) Le Bâtonnier de Paris ou son représentant (accord de principe) Le Président de la Fédération des Industries Nautiques ou son représentant (accord de principe) La conférence sera animée par Cyril Lage co-fondateur de Démocratie Ouverte et de Cap C... more

Falsifications et contrefaçons de comptes courants par certaines banques, les mesures à prendre (Roundtable)

Alerte V03 sur la contrefaçon des comptes bancaires avec la complicité des banques : cas particulier des comptes séparés de copropriétés Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Alain LE HYARIC

La Loi en France a établi une séparation totale de la comptabilité et donc du compte bancaire des syndicats de copropriétés avec la comptabilité de l’agence mandatrice de gestion de leur immeuble. Cette loi est pour diverses raisons, contournées par les agences avec la complicité des banques, est ce identique dans les autres pays européens ? Une législation réglementaire abondante en France ... more

E-medicine: how to communicate with your government properly (Workshop)

How to provide the best treatment for yourself when you need medical support, avoid risk situations and improve the quality life of your local community Digital and development

presented by Katya

The following topics will be discussed: - personal case-studies: how e-medicine can be used by patients in order to improve their health state - medical environment: how medical institutions and doctors can use e-tools to improve their services - European policy making - National policy making - interesting medical start-ups: - Q&A

Choosing the right human scale to measure Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs (Workshop)

Speed geeking to work with statistics offices for SDGs Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Javier Andres Carranza Torres

This is a speed geek and debating kind of session. 3 or 4 open geo data communities will portray their crowdsourcing an participative mapping tools to other interested NGOs and government officers during the first 30 minutes.Invited communities up to now are the ones from Geo Awesomeness in Germany, Openstreetmap in France, Stats Up from Colombia and Ambassadors from Mapillary in Sweden. • H... more

Exploiter le potentiel du PGO pour soutenir la mise en œuvre de l’ODD16 (Roundtable)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by Marion Pariset

L'Objectif de Développement Durable (ODD) 16 "Paix, justice, et institutions efficaces" (ODD16) constitue une des principales avancées de l’Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable. Cet objectif place la transparence et de la redevabilité au coeur de la réalisation de l’ensemble de l’Agenda 2030. Il s’agit toutefois de l’ODD le plus complexe à mettre en œuvre, et à mesurer, compte tenu de son ... more

Des initiatives désordonnées à la gouvernance globale (Workshop)

Implementation of open government

presented by Pierre Cadot, Philippe Charpy, Patrick Herter

Notre environnement en constante mutation voit émerger de multiples initiatives individuelles, collectives, privées ou publiques, visant à répondre à des besoins non satisfaits. Hétérogènes et isolées, voire concurrentes, elles ne parviennent pas à travailler ensemble à la fabrication d’un intérêt général dont elles défendent pourtant, au quotidien, l’urgence et la nécessité. Ce constat nous... more

Hacking Political Corruption (Workshop)

What civic tech and open government data can do for us Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Yannik Bendel

**_Transparency International,_** together with an alliance of other civil society organisation, share a strong commitment to make governments around the world more democratic, open and transparent. We share also the belief that **in the digital age civic tech tools provide powerful means to bring about change**. EU Integrity Watch, a central hub for online tools, is just one example among many... more

Core Values to Guide Community and Stakeholder Engagement (Roundtable)

Who Knows Best and How do we Find Out? Implementation of open government

presented by Leanne Hartill

Governments and industry across the globe are increasingly recognizing the value of community and stakeholder engagement as an essential part of significant project planning and decision-making. Perhaps the most significant shift in thinking about community engagement has come with recognition that the engagement may now be motivated from within the community or even led by the community itsel... more

Global Lessons in Digital Citizen Participation (Pitch)

OpenSeneca Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Pablo Sarrias - Open Seneca CEO

There is an agreement that the traditional engagement paradigm between citizens and government is obsolete. This traditional model of engagement largely relies on the electoral cycle, sporadic publication of laws and decisions, and ad-hoc referendums or consultations for every specific questions. Citizens are adapting to a new world driven mostly by the rapid spread of web, mobile and socia... more

How to get the EU in the OGP? (Roundtable)

Time to take a fresh look Implementation of open government

presented by Transparency International EU

**Background ** A [large alliance]( of civil society organisations as well as the EU Ombudsman have called for the EU to join the OGP. So far, however, the call has not been answered. By now more than twenty EU Member States participate in the OGP. Even governments, like Germany, which have traditionally been more reluctant,... more

Building a global language for civic participation online (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Jorge Díaz

The idea is to have digital democracy leads from the national level (Mexico/UK/Chile), three subnational governments (Madrid or Paris/Helsinki or Reykjavik/Mexico City), and two CSO allies (NESTA/OpenGov Foundation or OKF/ ) discussing in Pechakucha style : their tool, why did it come about, who's the team behind it, what's a salient success story, what are the challenges faced by the... more

L’amélioration de l’accès à la justice pour la population jeune en RD. Congo :Enquette sur les tortures et violences sexuelles faites à la femme et aux jeunes filles au sein des Universités et Instituts superieurs ainsi que dans la communauté en RDC (Roundtable)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by brady Bilala

La strategie que je compte mettre en place pour faire passer le message est d'abord de faire une présentantion sous forme d'un exposé pendant plus ou moins 1h du temps et cela sera suivi par un échange des questions -réponses pour mieux partager avec tous les participants mon experience dans le domaine de droit de l'homme plus précisement sur l'enquette que nous avons menés au sein de la commun... more

Open Justice for more accountable institutions (Pitch)

Access to information

presented by Sandra Elena

Started as a civil society’s research, Open Justice has become a public policy in Argentina. With the support of international donors, an Argentine think tank developed for the first time in the country a research on open government and open data in the justice sector. The research included seven Latin American countries Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica, México and Peru. This work... more

Rules of Engagement (Workshop)

Northern Ireland Open Government Network OGP Summit Proposal Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by David McBurney

**NI Open Government Network - OGP Paris Summit Session Proposal** **Working Title:** ‘Rules of Engagement’ **Format:** 80 minute workshop **Track:** How to open government - Civic tech & participatory tools **Purpose:** To co-design methods & ground rules for engagement between citizens & government **Context****:** Citizen participation in policy-making, planning and govern... more


POUR DES GOUVERNEMENTS OUVERTS LOCAUX Implementation of open government

presented by Florence DURAND-TORNARE

Villes Internet, seule association d'élus sur le thème de l'internet citoyen, propose à ses membres de s'emparer de la semaine de l'OGP pour mettre en avant leurs initiatives pour des "gouvernements ouverts locaux". L'association propose à l'Etat et à ses partenaires de constituer à Paris durant ces quinze jours un grand démonstrateur "VIVRE LA VILLE OUVERTE" : simplification administrative... more

Etude comparative sur le plan international du traitement théorique et pratique par les différents systèmes judiciaires de la responsabilité des sachants qui se taisent (Roundtable)

Le Prix du Silence Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Xavier de FONTGALLAND

**Comment les systèmes judiciaires sanctionnent-ils le mensonge par le silence ?** Ne faut-il pas tenter de résoudre le problème de la corruption à sa source plutôt qu’au niveau de ses conséquences ? Dans le langage courant, cela s’appelle ‘la peur du gendarme’. La question se pose donc de savoir si le gendarme est complaisant en matière de lutte contre la corruption ou s’il donne le sentime... more

Shifting power in public contracting, corruption and mismanagement: infomediaries unleashed (Roundtable)

Translating data helps citizens follow where their tax money goes Open data and Open resources

presented by Hivos Open Contracting

The session will kick off with a presentation by the main researcher on the results of the studies. Regional researchers will add to this by sharing their experiences and findings. Then an interactive dialogue will be facilitated, including researchers, experts and participants. This will be moderated and curated to stay on track, but completely open for anyone to participate in. Open Contr... more

Transparency in the special services and armed forces (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by imadiroud

In the third world and many other countries special services and armed forces are looked at as a precious and very necessary asset that should not in anyway be touched or submitted to the control and inspection structures of the civil society and even to the other inspection structures within the government. In fact corrupted officials and structures are using the secrecy to move on their su... more

Local & Regional Open Government Roundtable (Roundtable)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by luis petrikorena

Local & Regional Open Government Roundtable proposal: **Roundtable contents & aim:** Basque Country Open Government proposes to lead a roundtable of 6-8 speakers presenting different experiences of Local & Regional Open Government Implementation and roll-out initiatives. Per the feedback received via OGP Summit participatory process, we have reduced our initial list of issues to the ... more


Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by gabriel marcel ikopi moleko

Contribuer au rétablissement de la bonne gouvernance (démocratie) et à la réussite du processus électoral, au respect de droits de l’homme et de la considération de la paix.

SOS voter (Pitch)

The citizenship in your hands Open parliament

presented by Mateus

The App SOS VOTER, it is a innovative tool of interation between the public power and the voters, who can follow online all the activites that politicans do. In addition to direct interaction with parliamentarians , the platform allows the citizen to act as a supervisory agent , denouncing irregularities and undue occupation area, problems of poor service and even a hole in the road, ... more

Infrastructure: Towards Clear Rules on Disclosure of Information for Major Investment Projects (Roundtable)

World Bank - OECD Framework on Disclosure Access to information


Infrastructure is one of the backbones of development. Firms derive much of their competitiveness from their ability to use modern infrastructures, while societies depend on good infrastructure to ensure equal opportunity and equal access to services for citizens. This is the case irrespective of the stage of development of a country. But infrastructure poses many complex governance challenges... more

Lutte contre la corruption en période post électorale: cas de la Côte d'Ivoire (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by NICAISE NZI MORO

La table ronde sera animée par le Président, M. NZI Moro Nicaise, chef de service à la Haute Autorité pour la bonne gouvernance en Côte d'Ivoire. ALACO et la lutte anti-corruption Pour apporter sa contribution, l’ONG ALACO (African League Against Corruption) qui a vu le jour le 15 juillet 2000 organise des actions de sensibilisation et de formation de la population sur les méfaits de la corru... more

Perception and implementation of open government in the municipalities of Spain. (Pitch)

Perception and implementation of open government in the municipalities of Spain. Implementation of open government

presented by Edgar Alejandro Ruvalcaba Gómez

Open Government (OG) is maturing and moving toward the consolidation of a new paradigm in public administration, this has attracted attention increasingly. However, little is known about how it is developing that path towards the consolidation of what can be called: a new paradigm government. This construction research aims to approach the institutional perception of local governments in Spain... more

La montée de la corruption en Afrique (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Abdelkerim Ousman Toudjani

La corruption est sans aucun doute le défi le plus pressant qui se pose à la gouvernance et au développement de l’Afrique. Elle a un effet dévastateur et corrosif sur le progrès, la stabilité et le développement du continent. Elle constitue une entrave à la croissance économique car elle décourage les investissements étrangers, occasionne des distorsions au... more

SDG6 and OGP, a strategic collaboration. (Pitch)

Experiences from GOAL WaSH programme, challenges and opportunities Climate and sustainable development

presented by Pilar Avello

SDG6 and OGP, a strategic collaboration: experiences, challenges and opportunities. Why SDG6 targets must be included in OGP national plans: a)Why is important to align SDG´s agenda and OGP national plans? b)Water and Sanitation, what can be done? Goal WASH results c)Next steps: SDG 6 targets and OGP action plans UNDP (as well as World Bank, IDB, OECD) is a signatory strategic partne... more

Governments' Efforts to Conduct more Meaningful Citizen Participation for Improving Public Trust (Roundtable)

cases study of authentic citizen participation Implementation of open government

presented by Yinglee Tseng

In recent years, frequent local opposition or protest toward policy decision and policy implementation reflects rising distrust in governments worldwide. Growing antigovernment and distrust sentiments from the Citizens have pressured the governments to seek a variety of strategies for addressing demands for increasing “citizen participation” (CP) to regain more trust and demonstrate administrat... more

Fostering Citizen Inlcusion and Participation Leverging On Interactive Visualizations (Roundtable)

Open Data, Data Visualization and Graphical Discovery Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Ugochukwu Blaise Aboh

For many years’ governance in Nigeria has been one sided, for the citizen; ‘It is only when politicians need our votes they come to us’. Citizens feel disentangled and unaware of the government’s activities, promises and plans for them and thus are embittered due to lack of inclusion. Since there is a communication divide, citizens are unable to track, monitor or measure government's promises d... more

La culture et l'art ont un rôle à jouer dans une proposition d'un gouvernement ouvert (Roundtable)

TERRITOIRE DU M2 Implementation of open government

presented by Fred Forest

Participeront au débat proposé comme artiste d'art sociologique dont il est l'un des fondateurs emblématiques, outre Fred Forest lui-même, un critique d'art ou un sociologue, le représentant d'une institution culturelle et un homme ou une femme politique. Leurs propos sur les problématiques développées par ce panel seront illustrés par des vidéos. La salle pourra alors s'exprimer à l'aide d'un ... more

Culture des données : associations et collaborations (Roundtable)

Comment renforcer les collaborations entre associations pour développer la culture des données? Digital and development

presented by Sarah Labelle

La culture des données et son appropriation reposent non seulement sur une prise de conscience de l’importance du rôle des données dans nos sociétés contemporaines et sur la mise en pratique concrète et sur l’expérimentation avec des données. L’idée serait d’identifier les différentes étapes dans l’acculturation à la culture des données, les besoins en compétences data des associations et de re... more

404 - Fill in the blanks (Workshop)

Suggest your own session Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Mathilde Bras

The idea is to save one (or several) spot(s) in the program where no session is planned. To fill in the blanks left on the official program, a physical or online tool is provided to every participant at the beginning of the day: everyone can make suggestions on sessions they would like to organize and on speakers they are planning to invite. This "barcamp" format would allow participants to ... more

Le (faux) procès de la 5ème République française (Roundtable)

Quelle gouvernance se cache dans la constitution française ? Public innovation

presented by Armel Le Coz

Mise en scène théâtrale d'un procès avec un juge (animateur du débat), un procureur (réquisitoire contre les modes de gouvernance propres à la 5ème République), un avocat de la défense (plaidoyer pour défendre les modes de gouvernance de la 5ème République) et des jurés (le public) qui décident à la fin : Coupable ou pas ? Quelle peine infliger à la 5ème République ? (passer à une 6ème ? l'amen... more

Le rôle des jeunes sur la transparence, la redevabilité et la lutte contre la corruption (Roundtable)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Elhadji Ahm Demba ba GAHN

Nous aurons un speaker qui va poser le débat ensuite ( susciter l'intérêt ) et sous forme de partage tour a tour les gens prendrons la parole pour partager leurs inputs a cet atelier. Nous aurons un exemple de cas partagé par le speaker venant du Sénégal que les gens peuvent commenter et tour a tour les participants pourront réagir à la situation. Ce qui nous permettra a la fin de jeter au moin... more

Open government (unplugged) (Roundtable)

online + offline Implementation of open government

presented by Boris

A diverse set of panelists could include one or more open gov "strategist", one or more professional who is familiar with the challenges of the digital divide and one or more citizen who is not currently active on online participation platforms, whatever the reason.

Participation for Government bodies (Workshop)

The Do's and Dont's as taught by real-life experience Implementation of open government

presented by Boris

Main speakers will be civil servants who have taken part in a consultation effort, whether in their own name of on behalf of their (public-sector) employer.

Mr (Roundtable)

Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Edafe

I am writing to speak on human right violiations of LGBTI in Nigeria, which have not being given adequate health care service due to the law of SSMPA that was signed into the law in 2014. They have been deprived access to justice and fear hearing.

L'implémentation des ODD (Roundtable)

Climate and sustainable development

presented by DOSSE SOSSOUGA

Le 25 Septembre 2015 les Leaders mondiaux ont adopté, à New York les objectifs du développement durable (ODD) et le 12 Décembre 2015, l'accord de Paris sur le climat a prit effet à Paris et le 22 Avril 2016 175 Pays ont signé cet accord. Par ailleurs, de 2000 à 2015 les Objectifs du millénaire (OMD) a atteint son apogée.Mais les ODD sont indivisible et universels et compréhensible mais son im... more


Mecanismos de reacción frente al incumplimiento de los compromisos de gobierno abierto. Implementation of open government

presented by MIGUEL A. BLANES

- **GOALS:** It is necessary to analyze these two means of reaction: a) _External:_ OGP to the State or Government that fails to meet the commitment. It is necessary to strengthen the scope for action against the OGP states or governments little achievers. b) _Internal:_ of citizens to each State or Government. If citizens can not react to the breach of any commitment from your State or G... more

The role of diasporas in reducing climate change and advancing sustainable development (Workshop)

Diaspora as change agents (a case study of Sierra Leone) Climate and sustainable development

presented by Abubakarr Bangura

Case study (Sierra Leone) and an interactive workshop.

Puppets 4 Transparency and Fighting Corruption (Workshop)

P4TC Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Mohammad Issa

Puppets 4 Transparency and Fighting Corruption is unique project in that it gathers the energy and commitment of a group of partner organizations in Hebron Governorate to foster the professional dialogue dynamics necessary for enhancing transparency and good governance within the public institutions. This is achieved through an array of activities aimed at promoting good practices and sensitizi... more

Acccess to sanitary pads for Girls in Developing Countries is a basic human rights issue (Workshop)

One way of enabling retention and performance of girls in school, a case study of The Village Trust operations in Kenya Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Dr. Sarah M. Kilemi

This proposal is motivated by the sad reality of getting to know some women and girls in developing countries are using newspaper cuttings, tree leaves, grass, old rugs, sponges to protect leakage during menstruation periods. In some communities women are confined to secluded houses until their period days are over. Most of the girls in rural schools, can't afford to buy sanitary pads or an... more


Seeking Accountability in Every Individual Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by

The conference is an intellectuals meeting, and we hope that the highest standards of intellectual rigor will manifest in the presentations and discussions. But we would like to create some new norms for our discourse. We would like to engage more individuals in dialogue and to use our limited time as effectively as possible. Guidelines: Time: Sessions will start and end as scheduled. We... more

Gouvernement ouvert, inclusion des personnes handicapées et Agenda 2030 - (Pitch)

Afin que "Personne ne soit laissé derrière" dans la dynamique d'ouverture... Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Anne

L'inclusion et la participation de toutes et de tous, sans aucune distinction, est fondamentale pour la réalisation de l'Agenda 2030 (Y compris de l'[Agenda 2063]( de l'Union Africaine " L'Afrique que nous voulons") . En recourant aux **articles 21, 29 et 31** de la **Convention des Nations-Unies relati... more

Strengthening of the Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) in rural Tanzania (Roundtable)

Education Sector Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Jabir Ally

In Tanzania PETS is a new method which involve common citizen to track the budget expenditures where by citizens are able to make follow up in order to determine the value for money.Many Tanzanians in rural areas do not conduct PETS due to the fact that they have low knowledge on conducting PETS in various sectors including Health and Educational sector. Few Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) a... more

Anti-Corruption School Project in Nigeria (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Enahoro Michael

Corruption is a culture hence the need for mindset change and value orientation. There is need for propel mind-set programmes to change the value system among the young people. Corruption affects governance, leadership and development in general. Setting up of anti-corruption clubs will help reduce the culture of corruption thereby promoting transparency and accountability

Mr (Pitch)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by Rudakubana Valens

Transparency is a fundamental element of abolishing corruption. Transparent governance is important to local governments and the communities they serve because corruption threatens good governance, leads to the misallocation of resources, harms public and private sector development, and distorts public policy. Controlling corruption is possible only when government, citizens, and the private se... more

Jeunes Handicapés Visuels et Education Inclusive (Roundtable)

Education Inclusive pour un Développement Durable des Handicapés Visuels Fundamentals liberties and human rights

presented by Ephrem HATUNGIMANA

Le Burundi est un pays de l'Afrique qui a un problème sérieux en matière d'Education Inclusive. En outre, le Concepteur des Projets de l'Association pour la Réintégration Sociale des Aveugles au Burundi s'est senti interpellé pour participer au Sommet PGO. Le Projet Jeunes Handicapés Visuels et Education Inclusive qui fera objet de présentation lors du Sommet PGO sera une opportunité de plaide... more

Datos Abiertos, día a día. (Workshop)

Crear Datos desde abajo. Open government for cities

presented by Jesus Anwar Benitez Acosta

Sera un taller de diseño e implimentación de mecanismos de generación de datos abiertos en el trabajo diario de los empleados de gobierno subnacional y asociaciones civiles. Sera moderado por dos personas y se generaran productos a través de una sana competencia entre equipos. La finalidad es

What are the roles of Informed Youth in OGP? And how can we get them involved in the dissemination and implementation of OPG agenda? (Roundtable)

Role of the Informed Youth on the OGP Action Plan Implementation of open government

presented by Frank Kassongo

The dissemination and implement of OGP agenda. Involving Informed Youth on the OGP Action plan, will enable OGP Global office to critically examine the role that the Informed Youth can play at all three spheres of government (National, provincial, regional and local government). They have the ability to use technology in comparison to other group in our society thus capable of disseminating inf... more

Working with State Led Accountability Mechanisms to bridge the gap in transparency and participation in governance (Workshop)

Developing evidence based scorecards on Transparency and Participation Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Esther Agbon

Workshop Title: Working with State Led Accountability Mechanisms to bridge the gap in participation and transparency of governance Speakers: Esther Agbon, Camille Thomas, Oko Igado Introduction MamaYe aka Evidence for Action is an Options project in Nigeria aimed at improving maternal and New born survival through a combined approach Evidence, Advocacy and Accountability. Mamaye works at t... more

Power structures and influence mapping converging projects (Workshop)

Let's plan together the dream tool to visualize how our governments work! Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Andres Snitcofsky

The big question among users and developers of power structures and influence mapping tools is “How do we store the data, in which standard, and how do we share it with the rest”. During 2015 we have some conversation about tools, experiences and data to capture in MediaParty, ConDatos and OGP Summit Mexico 2015. The next big step for the community is to start to understand each other needs... more

la bonne gouvernance et prevention de la corruption (Workshop)

Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption

presented by m chirgui yassine

principal causes de la corruption/ abondance des ressorces naturelles/gouvernement autocrate ne rendant pas de comptes/inegale repartitionet mauvaise qualite de es service publics/fonction publique mal paye'/manque de ressources/ d independance des institutions/structure destinee a faire contre poids

Connecting the people to governance through digital database (Pitch) Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Abiri Oluwatosin Niyi is a platform that will be talked about, and how it caters to closing the data gaps in public health monitoring, conflict transformation in isolated communities, project participation and monitoring by the Local communities, and how we plan to scale across Nigeria.

Vote électronique (Workshop)

Digital and development

presented by Martine GOVINDASSAMY

Organiser les votes numériques ou votes par serveur vocal pour toutes les élections : présidentielles, municipales, députés ..... Objectif : Augmenter de manière significative la participation au vote Éviter les déplacements, les permanences du personnel des mairies dans les écoles etc ... Au lieu d'éditer les cartes d'électeur ,les mairies enverraient aux citoyens leur code confidentiel p... more

Why Open Government is Vital to Cross Border Investments (Roundtable)

Brexit makes Cross Border Investments even more critical. Access to information

presented by Alan W. Silberberg

Presented by the Co-Founders and Managing Partners of [Dalai VC](, a global venture capital and investment banking firm that specializes in cross border transactions. [Dr. Orit Mossinson, from Tel Aviv ]( [Alan W. Silberberg from Los Angeles]( will share the dialogue about the importa... more

Gouvernement ouvert pour les pays en développement : les défis en matière de technologie et de l'ouverture (Pitch)

Civic tech and participatory tools

presented by Manuel Zometa

la montée des données ouvertes, a poussé l'innovation vers de nouvelles frontières, mais l'innovation est alimentée par le développement économique. en d'autres termes, les initiatives du gouvernement ouverte dans les pays développés ont été déclénche avec accessibilité et de la technologie. mais, ce qui se passe lorsque la technologie n'est pas accessible? Peuvent les gouvernements se cacher s... more

Role of Community Media in OGP of South Asia (Roundtable)

Role of Community Media in OGP of South Asia Access to information

presented by AHM Bazlur Rahman

In South Asia community media (Community Radio, Community TV, and Community Film) playing the very good role at the community level. In this regard Role of Community Media in OGP of South Asia is very important.

Mettre la révolution des données au service du développement (Roundtable)

Vers des partenariats Public - Privé - Personne ? Digital and development

presented by Claire Foulquier-Gazagnes

* Panel, sous réserve de confirmations : * Lallaicha Abdoulaye, OpenStreetMap Sénégal (Sénégal, société civile) * Michael Faye, Give Directly (USA, ONG) * Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Engine (USA, entreprise) * Thomas Roca, AFD & Data Pop Alliance (France, gouvernement et recherche) * Martin Tisné, Omidyar Network (Royaume-Uni, donneur) Modération : Claire-Marie Foulquier-Gazagnes (... more