2016 December 9 12:30
1 h 20 min
Room 5 (Iéna)
Civic tech and participatory tools


Calling all politician data enthusiasts! What can you find out, make or do using EveryPolitician in 80 mins?

EveryPolitician is a dataset containing the details of every single politician in every legislature in the world. We want you to help us explore the possibilities of this open dataset in 80 minutes and see what we can hack, design, draw, visualise or learn from the data.

Come prepared to have fun with data and work with others in a fully interactive workshop hosted by mySociety and the EveryPolitician team.

mySociety have been collecting and curating a dataset of every politician in every national level legislature in the world. This data is being used to power sites that allow you to write to politicians in public, build a simple parliamentary monitoring site or cross check political data with other datasets to reveal amazing insights.

We want participants in this workshop to come and show us what they would like to do with this type of data and hopefully they'll go away with ideas they'll want to carry forward outside of the OGP. This is not your average workshop so attendees should come ready to participate!

The format of the workshop will be as follows: We'll briefly introduce EveryPolitician then get people in the room to either work together or in groups, as they choose, picking some data and coming back to us at the end with something they’ve found out, made or done with the data. We will set some guidelines which will be displayed in the room so that people know what we're looking for in a good use of the data and we will offer a few prizes to the most creative uses of the data.


Jen Bramley Dave Whiteland

by Jen Bramley
from mySociety

Jen is the Partnerships and Projects Manager for the Parliaments and Democracy stream at mySociety. She works directly with organisations anywhere in the world, helping them with the practicalities of deploying our code and maintaining the resulting websites.

With a background as a working on media development and broadcasting reform projects in the Middle East and North Africa for BBC Media Action, she’s used to pitching in wherever needed for all sorts of projects.

Jen travels widely to meet mySociety partners on their home ground: it’s always helpful to see our projects in the places where they’ll be deployed, and meet the people who will be using them. She’s passionate about ensuring that projects meet local needs and spending time with groups in their own countries helps her start to understand their motivations.

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