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There should no longer be parallel tracks for discussions, policies and laws focused on freedom of information laws or open data. Instead, we must ensure that any government participating in the Open Government Partnership combines these issues, using FOI/ATI requests to prioritize open government data releases for disclosure and explicitly connecting transparency to the enactment and reform of FOIA laws and accountability to the ability of independent media to report on documents and data acquired through them. Governments must not be able to claim openness through releasing open data when denying FOIA requests or censoring journalists.

Open to format: I could deliver a keynote talk, followed by questions and answers, or moderate an interactive panel discussion with three investigative journalists from around the world discussing their experience with how FOI/ATI requests and proactive disclosures through open data do or do not inform their journalism.

by Alexander B. Howard
from Sunlight Foundation

Alexander B. Howard is a senior analyst at the Sunlight Foundation. Previously, he was the first senior editor for technology and society at the Huffington Post, a columnist at TechRepublic and a contributor to TechPresident, among many other publications, a consultant, moderator and researcher. In 2013, he founded, a blog focused on open government and technology. From 2010 to 2013, he was the Washington Correspondent for Radar at O’Reilly Media. Prior to joining O’Reilly, he was the associate editor of and at TechTarget, where he wrote about how the laws and regulations that affect information technology are changing. Howard has held fellowships at Columbia Journalism School and Harvard University. He graduated from Colby College and now resides in the District of Columbia with his family.

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