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Implementation of open government



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Governments and civil society groups that incorporate technologists into their strategic decision-making process and their daily work maximize the possibilities Open Government offers. Technologists can make governments faster, cheaper, more responsive, and more responsible. They can also help resource-constrained civil society movements reimagine policy positions, outreach, advocacy, resource allocation, sustainability, and impact. This roundtable will present successful, replicable models that have been launched within governmental and civil society institutions to bring technologists to the table and to expand the solutions available to governments and their citizens for everything from delivery of social services to protection of human rights.

This Roundtable will be conversational in style, facilitated by Kat Duffy, Labs Director at the Sunlight Foundation. The discussion will begin by short presentations on successful models for bringing technologists into strategic leadership roles in government and in civic tech organizations, and how those different models have moved open government initiatives forward in specific, replicable ways. Sunlight will work with leaders from these initiatives to ensure their participation at the roundtable. From there, we will examine three fundamental questions: (1) where does opportunity to replicate these models exist, and how can we empower that replication; (2) in which areas critical to the success of OGP have we seen a lack of bridging between technologists and leading actors and strategists (for example, human rights and fundamental liberties); and (3) where should we consider new models or strategies that further bridge the gap between technologists and traditional policy makers/government officials/advocates in furthering the goals of open government.