2016 December 8 09:00
50 min
Amphitheâtre (Iéna)
Implementation of open government


This discussion provides a space for OGP participants to reflect on their experience, embracing the co-commitment challenge, giving their efforts meaning, and the transferability of their lessons learned. Questions to be addressed include, how are we delivering on the value proposition that is OGP?, and how are the new Pioneers delivering on the promise that constructive lessons will come from the sub-national experience, that are transferable to the national level?

This roundtable features OGP participants from the subnational Pioneer program, with context from national program and OGP colleagues. Each will share a 10-minute description of the community in which they are nurturing their respective co-commitments and challenges, as we discuss the co-commitment process and unexpected lessons learned from the synergy that is sub-national/national cooperation. Interactive portion will allow small group discussion. Questions from the audience.


David Alvarez, Jalisco, Mexico; Ania Calderon, Mexico; Doreen Grove, Scotland; Vladimer Khasia, Tbilisi, Georgia; Kerry O’Connor, Austin, United States; Clémence Pène, Paris, France; Kitty Von Bertele. Facilitators: Zack Brisson, ReBoot; Sabine Romero, City of Austin

by Sabine Romero
from City of Austin

Sabine Romero is the Acting Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Austin Innovation Office. She joined the Innovation Office in October 2016 to provide big-picture project implementation, and contribute to thought leadership on innovation management. Her background includes twenty years in public service supporting government accountability, transparency, and civic involvement. Her lead project in the Innovation Office is the city's participation in the Open Government Partnership. She is a graduate of Scripps College, the University of Texas School of Law, the Coro Fellows Program, and Leadership Austin.

Sabine romero