2016 December 9 15:30
50 min
Salle Jean-Paul Laurens (Hôtel de Ville)
Public innovation


This workshop aims to share processes followed, methods and tools used, and key takeaways from the first round of subnational pilots. It also seeks to gather feedback from the audience on how to take co-creation toward implementation of commitments.

We want to know what is “good” co-creation, but more importantly, we want to know how we do it. This workshop will focus on how four subnational pilot members developed their own context-specific ways of finding the “center of the venn diagram”: the overlap between government and civil society priorities and capabilities to develop robust action plans. Four subnational pilots will lead us through their co-creation experiences – Lead participants will be government points of contact and endorsing civil society representatives from a diverse set of subnational (city, state, and county) members: 1) Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, 2) Austin, Texas USA, 3) Jalisco, Mexico, and 4) Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya. Reboot is a social impact firm dedicated to accountable governance that has been working closing with each of these subnational pilots on applying mixed methods, including deep expertise in user-centered design, to their co-creation processes. Reboot will design and facilitate the workshop together with subnational pilot members.


by Nicole Anand
from Reboot

Nicole Anand is the Associate Director of Strategy at Reboot, a social impact firm dedicated to inclusive development and accountable governance. A specialist in open governance, Nicole is currently leading Reboot’s technical co-creation support to OGP subnational pilots. Nicole has deep cross-sector experience and is an avid strategic thinker who enjoys finding new ways of solving problems. Prior to Reboot, Nicole supported the World Bank’s development of a digital engagement unit. At Global Integrity, she ran an experimental fund for seeding ideas in transparent and accountable governance, and a networking mechanism for the OGP. At OneWorld Foundation India, she launched and managed a research division dedicated to documenting innovations in service delivery.Nicole is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds a Master of Development Management from the London School of Economics.

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